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School Safety

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Safety Advisory Committee:

Jason Kupchella, WCPS

Todd Hazell, WCPS

Eric Wilson, WCPS

Ben Jones, WCPS

Chip Jenkins, WCPS

Lauren Thurmond, WCPS

Brad Stevenson, GRREC

Ronnie Pearson, Warren County Emergency Management

Chief Michael Delaney, Bowling Green Police Department

Steve Coleman, Bowling Green Fire Department

Kevin Croghan, Warren County Sheriff's Office/ South Warren Middle School SRO

Jamie Pierce, Parent Representative/Retired Bowling Green Police


Mission Statement

The mission of the Warren County Public Schools Safety Advisory Committee is to support the overall mission of our district in preparing students to succeed for life by ensuring an environment that is safe and secure for our students, staff, guests and community members whenever they're in our care.



  • Ensure that the district's policies are aligned correctly to support our goals and procedures in order to maximize a safe and secure environment for all individuals in our care.
  • Ensure that emergency preparedness plans are in place at all schools and that emergency drills are carried out that meet or exceed policy standards and are conducted in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies and other first responders.
  • Ensure that staff training adequately prepares faculty/staff members for a potential crisis.
  • Ensure that there is uniformity among our schools in the administration of procedures and in emergency response plans.
  • Provide a risk assessment review for new construction, fixtures and/or processes proposed in school environments.
  • Continually review our practices and modify as needed.