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Please make sure to use the student portal and not the parent when downloading to Artsonia. It has things the student needs to fill out when they do an art piece.  It also helps them earn rewards, comments, and let their fan club see their work.  Please make sure that your student is filling all parts out.  This is a link to a video about how to download.  The video is for any smart device using the artsonia app (it is free)  you can also go to if you have a computer with a camera.

Here is the school access code and QR code you will need to download to Artsonia



Artsonia school access code



Shelly  J. Clark

Elementary Art Teacher 

Briarwood Elementary and Richardsville Elementary 

I graduated from Wawasee High School in Syracuse, Indiana in 1988.  

I worked my way through high school and college as a photographer doing retouching, weddings, babies, etc. for Creative Touch Photography.  
I attended Purdue University for 3 years and I transfered to W.K.U. and finished my art education bachelors degree.  I have also attained a Masters in Art Education degree from W.K.U.

 I have taught here in Warren Co. for the last 20 years as an art teacher.  I had several teaching positions in schools and after school programs in Indiana before moving to Kentucky.  

I have displayed my art through out Warren Co. in several different shows and had my own art exhibit also.

Teaching art is my passion.  I believe that in a time when our children are bombarded with images (t.v., internet, advertising....) that they need to be able to communicate in this visual world, understand what is coming at them,  and how people can manipulate their reactions.

I do not see Art as just an easy fun class.  I want my class to be fun, but it is more important for it to be educational.  This is art education not a craft class or an after school art class that is just for fun.  We have information and a Kentucky core content and National Standards that I am responsible to teach my students.  We have a 45 min. class once every two weeks (that is a total of 18 days for the year if we do not miss for anything) to teach them everything they need.  I am always looking for help since I am not at school all week long.  I am at Briarwood for 3 days and Richardsville for 2 days.  We are also looking for donated supplies or things to recycle for projects since the budgets are low.  If you have pieces or parts of something you think we might be able to use send me an email and let me know.  Even if you can't think of a way it might be used- just leave that part to the students and I.

I do not believe that every student will choose a career in art , however, I do believe that every student will be a consumer of art and be influenced by it.  I believe every student will some day paint a room, or buy a home or rent a place and want to decorate their dwelling.  I believe many will be parents and their children will draw lines and play with shapes and colors long before they write their first letter and words.  Visual Arts is an international language that is understood by people all over the world that do not even speak the same language.  I believe a picture is worth much more than a thousand words.  Art can say and help us express things and feeling that we can not even put into words.  Art can just be a stress reliever in a world of fast paced life.

Although many of my students will not choose art as a career they will use art skills in the careers they choose.  A doctor has to be observant and a problem solver to diagnose his patients.  A surgeon should be a problem solver and creative thinker and I would hope have good craftsmanship as he cuts and sews.  Architects, engineers, advertising, graphic design, industrial design, computer aided drafting, bakers, interior design, fashion, photography, web designers, theatre, cosmetology, florists, and well I could go on for a very long time in all the jobs and careers that would deal with the skills learned in a Visual Arts class.  I believe this is one of the hardest classes your student will ever take.  I believe that we take all the other classes and use them to create the things we do.  

I believe Art is challenging but at the same time very rewarding when you put forth your best effort.  That is all I ask of each of my students- their best effort.  I will push your student to give me their best.  I will not be satisfied with just so so.  I do though know that everyones best is at a different level for all kinds of different reasons.  I have high expectations and very little time with your student- I want to challenge them, engage them, and empower them.

Please let me know if I can ever help in anyway or if I need to know something with your student.  I am so excited for our learning adventure this year!


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