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***email is the quickest way to contact me***

This is my fifth year here at WEMS
as the choir director and now STLP sponsor.
Get to know me better in the
"All About Mrs. Salmon" page to the left.



Practice Files for Cantate are up for the


measures 4-32. Beta Students: Be sure to


review these before you return on Monday.


Don't forget to log your practice times. 











Keep Your Lamps Practice Files are beginning to be loaded to

the "Practice Files" tab to the left. 

Choir Jan Pre Test 


A summer family picture of Mrs. Salmon and her husband, Brandon, and daughter, Elsie. 

What to have for choir:

1/2 to 1 inch binder (no larger), pencil, highlighter, and for concerts you'll need black dress shoes and black dress pants

For Music you will need:

pencil, paper, folder or binder

I am currently learning new ideas and methods of teaching music at the Kentucky Music Educators Assoc Conference for the remainder of the week.  

Grace Ray is representing the choir here while performing in the All State SSA choir.  

In choir class this week students are utlizing the "Practice Files" tab to the left of this page to practice in section groups on their assessment music.

We are currently working on our music for KMEA Choral Performance Assessment

Practice Files will be availalbe soon!


Martin Luther King Celebration Choir Participants







The choirs LOVE to do the compliment activity each year! - they each have a paper with thier name on it that goes around the circle for each person in the class to write a compliment on for them.

Be sure to scroll on down through the page to take a look at what all has been going on in our classroom. Pictures are up too!

New school year!!!

Check out the opportunities tab to the left for

All State Audiiton information.

Congrats to Tiffany King for her fabulous National Anthem performance at the Hot Rods game on July 13th!

Talent Show pictures are up in a gallery in the

Talent Show tab to the left!


May 22nd

Show Choir and Boys Choir perform.

Show choir - National Anthem & 7th inning stretch

Boys Choir - Sweet Caroline - pregame

Tickets still available for $10 each ($5 of the ticket goes directly to the choir)

email Mrs. Salmon for ticket info

7th grade awards night - June 2nd - 6:00pm WEMS Gym.

7th grade choir students should attend to perform.  They should be in place on the risers by 5:50

8th grade awards night - June 3rd - 6:00pm WEMS Gym.

8th grade choir students should attend to perfom.  They should be in place on the risers by 5:50


Listed below are the students who have been selected from the application and audition process to participate in show choir next school year.  Congratulations!

8th Graders                                  7th Graders

Bryson Wallace                            Elijah Whittle            Jaylynn Young

Rachel Bunch                               Annalise Vincent       Elise Opelt

Tiffany King                                   Katherine Kiser         McKinley WIllis

Raegan Amonett                            Shanta Murell

Grace Ray                                     Mason Miller

Milton Sarmiento                            Gracie Hammock

Erin Harrison                                  Malayah Coleman

Mollie Fitts                                     Nikkella Neal

Caitlin Walters                                Alexis Wood

Amber Tolliver                                 Johnna Wolfe


Boys Choir behind Show Choir as Show Choir sang the National Anthem

Mixed Choir at the Spring Concert

Girls Choir at the Spring Choir

Show Choir glowing for their Radioactive performance.

TALENT SHOW RESCHEDULED: May 8th - 5:30pm, Warren East High School Auditorium - Free Admission

HOT RODS PERFORMANCES - Boys Choir and Show Choir will be performing at the Hot Rods game on May 22nd.  Please order tickets from Mrs. Salmon or a choir student.  The choir will recieve profits from any tickets purchased from us.  All choir students may be selling tickets to contribute to the fundraiser.  Boys and Show Choir students should participate.

Spring Concert - May 12th - 6:00 - WEHS Auditiorium

All District Choir Participants for 2014! I'm very proud of each of you!!!

Boys and Girls Choirs enjoying their donut reward for high attendance at family and community night!

2014 KMEA All State Choir Participants: Kristal Tinsley and Maddie Jourden with Mrs. Salmon after their concert!

Christmas Concert Pictures

7th Grade Choir

8th Grade Choir

December Choir Information

Spring Choir Auditions are this week - students are auditioning in my office during class recording themselves on an iPad.  They are doing well.  So far I have had about 60 students audition with about 30-40 more to audition before the week is out.  These students auditioning will be placed into two mixed choirs, a boys choir, and a girls choir if they are selected to participate based on their audition process.  Some students will even get the opportunity to have choir twice a day which is a great experience. A big thanks to our administrators and guidance counselor for allowing such great opportunities and putting in long hours to make schedules work.  Ask your student how their audition went.

Concert- Dec. 16th  

                     Mandatory and is a test grade.

                           Need to wear solid white shirt and black pants or skirt (knee length or longer).


            Concert- Begins at 6:30pm

                           Students should arrive at 5:30pm

                           Doors will open to the audience at 6:00pm

                           At Eastwood Baptist Church- joined concert with the high school choirs.


            Courthouse Performances-

7th grade- Dec 11th 10:00 am

Show Choir- Dec 11th 10:30am

8th grade- Dec 12th 10:00 am

All on live TV, Check your listings for the channel.

I believe its channel 3

On the day your student goes to the Courthouse

They should wear their concert white and black to school and bring money to eat lunch. (about $10)


I still have space for parents to chaperone that day and would love to have you join us. Call or Email me ASAP if you wish to Chaperone.


The year is off to a fantastic start.  I'm so excited for all of the wonderful things ahead of us this year.  

Going on now:

*Several students are auditioning for KYACDA all state choir

* EastBeats (our Show Choir) is rehearsing once a week after school until their class begins after fall break

*7th grade is learning "Tama Tu"

*8th grade is learning "Non Nobis Domine"





Show Choir Results for 2013-2014

Congrats to everyone! If you did not make show choir you will be in either mixed choir or girls choir!

I look forward to seeing everyone!




Here is a peak at our sponsor page which is now located under the "pages" file to the bottom left.

The choir students and I greatly appreciate all sponsors.




Thank you to all of our sponsors


Friends of the Choir

Andy, Marsha, and Hannah Wagoner

Anderson Engineering & Land Surveying

Jimmy and Buffy Hudson


Star Sponsors

Hardees Red Burrito

South State Contractors Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby


Blue Sponsors

Tryco Properties


Gold Sponsors

Starz Elite Performance Academy




MIXED CHOIR! You will be Happy Happy Happy! to know that I received the new Agnus Dei Sheet Music during 7th Period today and ALL practice files for all three parts are up and running under class files in the "Mixed Choir" classroom page.  WOO HOO!!! We will be done with it in NO TIME!

Happy Practicing!



Parents - Please encourage your student to practice.  Practicing for choir is just like homework and needs to be done on a regular basis.  Just 10-15 minutes a day is plenty.  We have 9 class periods before we head off for our ratings at the KMEA festival at WKU.  These next few weeks need a lot of focus and dedication for us to receive the ratings we are working toward!



Saturday March 2nd

all practice files are temporarily unavailable

dropbox temporarily suspended access due to high traffic. 

Glad y'all are practicing!

when you click you'll see this....I'll find a new way to post them. Stay tuned 


It's Friday afternoon and all Practice Files are updated

(4:10 pm)

so that everyone can work ahead this weekend.

Great job today working individually in class with the ipads.

Imagine if everyone fixed 1 thing today in their music that means as a whole group over 100 things were fixed (made better).  Wooohooo!

Mixed Choir - you will LOVE your last file that I added for Sing We and Chant It

Girls Choir - I added two new files for Jordan's Angels

Show Choir - the more you practice the better we do, the more we get to do choreography for our other pieces.

Boys Choir - Youre doing great keep it up and work ahead so we can finish our piece next week.



Practice Logs may be printed from each classes files or picked up in the choir room.
they go from Thurs-Wed (due on Thursday in class with parent signature for scholar dollars)

Need something to work on for choir?  Want to know what you as a student or your child if you're a parent can work on for choir?

Here it is.... Solfege Handsigns.
These have been worked on since August and should be memorized.
There will be a quiz on these on Wednesday.

Choir Update: Jan. 17th

We have been working on the following pieces for Spring Choir:
Hey There Delilah/1,2,3,4 mash up (boys choir)
I'm Yours (boys choir)
Imagine (girls and mixed)
Starry Night (girls and mixed)
Hey Soul Sister (show)
Sway (show)
Seasons of Love (show)
We will be keeping these pieces in our folders, but will very soon have our festival music picked out and in our folders.  These pieces will be held on to for our Spring Concert on May 20th.

This week while we transition between fun spring music and our challenging festival music we have just finished watching the Musical, "The Music Man".
The students completed an outline for a grade and also a quiz.  We focused a great deal on what makes a musical a musical and the characters.

Next week - We will work on solfege and sight singing.  We've been working on these things all year.  The students will have a solfege test on Wed.  This will be a written solfege test.  

Jan. 2, 2013
I'm out sick today. Please be flexible and work hard today.
Choirs - you're singing
General Music
Complete Pre-Test

Mrs. Salmon
General Music
Pre-Test / Student Survey
Jan. 2, 2013
Please label your paper with your class period, your name, and “pre test”
Please number each question and answer with complete sentences. Use neat handwriting please. It is okay to get questions wrong. Please guess on any you don’t know. Underlined questions are questions with no right or wrong answers. Put thought into these answers.
  1. What is your favorite genre (type) of music?
  2. Who is your favorite musician/group and why?
  3. What is your favorite song at this time?
  4. How do you listen to music? Ipod, mp3, Pandora, computer?
  5. Explain the difference between a note and a rest.
  6. What is a time signature?
  7. What is a key signature?
  8. Describe what a treble clef is.
  9. Name three separate purposes of music (how is music used?).
  10. What is a whole note?
  11. Half note?
  12. Quarter note?
  13. Eighth note?
  14. Name as many instrument families as you can (hint: there are 5)
  15. What does “world music” mean?
  16. What is folk music?
  17. Describe what rhythm is.
  18. Describe what beat is.
  19. Do you play any instruments? Have you ever played any instruments?
  20. Can you name any “old” composers? Who?
  21. How do you think that music affects people in everyday life?
  22. How does music affect you each day?
  23. What do you want to learn in music class? Name three things please.

You may now submit your choir leadership job applications.  These are mostly the same jobs as last quarter, but some jobs have been changed and some added.
Follow the directions below to submit your application:
*go to your classroom on the left (not sure for spring? check infinite campus )
* go to files on the right side and read the "leadership job information"
*decide which jobs you would like
*download the application from files (word or pages available)
* fill out your application and save it using your full name as the document name
* go to classroom assignments on the left side of your classroom page
* click on the leadership job application assignment
* follow instructions there to submit your document.

Congratulations to the following students who were selected for KMEA all state choir.
Kaitlyn Miller
Maddie Jourden
Mika Kieffer.

 Thank you to everyone who attended the concert last night and supported the students.  
We had approx. 500 in attendance which is amazing!
I can't wait for what the spring semester has in store for us.
This semester has been such a success! I appreciate all of your support!
Have a Merry Christmas and look forward to all state results coming out tomorrow (crossing fingers) and
spring choir starting up in Jan!

Fundraiser Forms and Money are Due MONDAY!!! Don't forget!

Talent Show Auditions are Monday 3:00 - 4:30, All student must be on time to their audition and must be picked up by 4:30 (no exceptions)

Click on the Talent Show Tab to the left and you will find the audition schedule under links/files.

Please don't forget that the smart cards need to be sold and the money returned as soon as possible.  If you student needs additional cards please request them by email or through a note.  Smartcards will help fund our music for the first concert!

This week - while waiting for our music we are working on music literacy (how to read music).  This is not our most exciting set of lessons but it will be more than worth it when we get our music and know what we are looking at.  We have worked on note names and values mostly.

We are off to a great start this year in choir.  We are at 187 students in choir total throughout the day which is very exciting!  We are currently anxiously anticipating the arrival of our first set of music.  
We have been working on solfege (do,re,mi,fa,so,la,ti,do) and the handsigns to go with them.
We have also learned our warm ups and talked about how to use our best singing voice.

Look for the Spring Performances in the "Listen to Us" tab on the left!!!

Choir students should dress in Sunday dress on Monday to perform at the 7th grade awards ceremony at 1:00pm
Show Choir Students should come dressed in Sunday dress on Monday evening for the 8th grade awards.  They should report to the choir room at 5:30pm.

Dr. Amy Aucoin, vocal professor from Murray State University, visited the WEMS Choirs on Monday May 14th.  Dr. Aucoin was a judge at this years KMEA Choral Festival where the choirs performed.  Dr. Aucoin shared a lot of helpful advice and exercises with the students to help the students advance in their vocal education.  Dr. Aucoin, the students and I all had a lot of fun!


All 3 choirs received first place in their divisions at Music in the Parks festival in Cincinnati, OH.  We attended our awards ceremony in the King's Island Park and then had lots of fun riding rides in the park!
(parents: if you had additional pictures from this trip please email them to me.  I only have pictures that I took at awards and with my group that I chaperoned in the park)

For those that are wondering.... I did finish my half marathon in Nashville.  I did complete my run as the first sponsored runner for Run2Walk.  Go to to view the promotional video that includes clips from the choir classroom!

So what's next for me?  I'm not sure yet, but I have a few races in mind.  In the mean time I am a finalist for Team Refuel that is connected with Chocolate Milk.  You can see my chocolate milk video by clicking here.

 New Practice Files are Posted
(every one should be practicing 3-4 times a week from now until festival on April 18th)
**Every day would be EVEN BETTER!!**

CDs are available next to my door.

The "Listen to Us" page is updated with last years stuff added back (got left behind on the old website)
"All About Mrs. Salmon" page is updated

All of our new music arrived today!!! YAY!


Great News!!!! All three choirs will be attending the KMEA Choral Festival at WKU on April 18th!!!!
Much more information to come!


Congrats to the 6 students below who performed in the KYACDA all state choir in Lexington, KY.




Our Talent Show was a GREAT Success!!!

The Fall concert was a GREAT success.  Thank you to all the parents who made sure that your students arrived on time and came in concert dress.  I love seeing an auditorium with standing room only!


CONGRATS! Nakata on a great performance in Les Miserables!
* see her in the middle of the picture below *


Jessica Dickens sang the National Anthem at the Hot Rods game on Saturday.  After a two hour rain delay she walked on the field at 9:00pm only to have it start raining again.  She did not let the drenching rain stop her.  She did a fantastic job!  We are so proud of you Jessica! (pictures below)

Jessica getting ready to head to home plate to sing.
Excited about heading to home plate to sing!

The camera is ready to get her on the big screen!

Last year's Spring Select Choir with our trophy from King's Island!


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