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Report A Bully

Warren County Public Schools Report-A-Bully System going live 0n March 1st

Warren County Public Schools is taking a proactive approach to the societal issue of bullying 

Bullying refers to any intentional act by a student or groups of students directed against another student to ridicule, humilate, or intimidate the other student while on school grounds, or at a school sponsored activity, which acts are repeated against the same student over time.  (WCPS 09.422)

Please use this form to report bullying that takes place during school hours and/or on school property.  The schools cannot investigate incidents that take place outside of school property/hours. 

All Plano Elementary reports are sent directly to Mrs. Faulkner, the school counselor.  All reports will be addressed. For questions or concerns, contact Stacy Faulkner at 270-467-0411 or


Click the link below to Report a Bully

Report A Bully