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All-District Band

All-District Band

About:  Participation is based on audition.  Students prepare the music in the fall and audition in November for placement in one combined 7th/8th grade band.  Students from our district comprised of several counties audition for placement. Once placed, the students rehearse for several days during the first week in January at WKU and perform a concert that Saturday.

All-District Auditions are November 23rd.  Location TBA.

Audition Fee:  $7.00 

This year, every one will pre-register at school.  More details on that later.


  • The actual auditions begin at 9:45am.  You will be given an audition ticket when you report to the sign-in tables.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR AUDITION TICKET!  YOU MUST PRESENT THE TICKET AT THE TIME OF YOUR AUDITION!
  • There will be a designated practice area in the building and this is the ONLY place that you will be allowed to warm up.
  • The results of the auditions will be made available to the band directors as soon as all students have auditioned (5:30 p.m. or later?).
  • Remember, you will be responsible for getting to and from South Warren High School.  You may leave after your audition.  Don’t forget, I will be there and so will Mr. Cecil, but you may not see either of us at all (we will be working different areas at the auditions).  I will stay to find out the results, and I will post all results on my website as soon as I get them.  Check my website/twitter (or HS Band Twitter) after 6:00pm to find out who made it and in what chair they are seated!!!