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Rockfield Houses

Rockfield Houses

Learn more about the House system inspired by The Ron Clark Academy that we are using at Rockfield Elementary School!


First, we want to make sure that you are familiar with The Ron Clark Academy (RCA). If you aren’t, you have just hit THE JACKPOT!

Click HERE to visit The Ron Clark Academy Home Page.
Click HERE to view an RCA Experience Video.
Click HERE to download their App with free tools, guides, and resources.

Rockfield Houses

After learning more about the RCA House System, we knew it was exactly what our school needed. Who doesn't love a positive school culture that focuses on lifting each other up?!

For our Houses, we decided to stick with the names that The Ron Clark Academy uses for the houses.
Rêveur House- blue, dreamers
Altruismo House- black, givers
Isibindi House- green, courage
Amistad House- red, friendship

Our students all spun a wheel to detemine which House they will be a member of for the duration of their time at Rockfield Elementary School. The entire Rockfield staff has also been sorted into Houses for added collaboration and support!

House Points

Houses earn points for positive behaviors and excellent work! Each House is a family or team that works together to collect points. We have created guidelines to specify which behaviors will be rewarded at what value, and points can be given for additional reasons determined worthy by staff members. Points are collected in each classroom. At the end of each day, teachers and representatives submit how many points each House has earned and the points are tallied through our Google applications.

House Meetings and Competitions

We will have House Meetings periodically so each House can celebrate their successes and address their team goals and plans. We will hold some competitions, both physical and mental, so Houses can have additional opportunities to earn points. This will also allow us to help coach our kids on sportsmanship!


Another way that we will lift each other up in our House Meetings is through recognition and rewards. In each House Meeting, we will award students from each House with certificates. We will make quick speeches, such as, “This young lady is getting an award today because she went above and beyond on her book report this week.” ANY positive behavior may merit such recognition! Recognized students will come up and take an opportunity to spin the wheel for bonus House points. ALL students cheer EVERY student on! While there are four Rockfield Houses, we are one big Rockfield FAMILY!