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Additional Resources




Students, you may use the following links to access some wonderful reading resources! Click on the blue text to visit each web location.


IMAGINE LEARNING: Our students will be given the opportunity to work within Imagine Learning at school for 30+ minutes each week. Imagine Learning is a wonderful resource for students as they build their math and reading abilities and independence. Students may access it from home, too, which is a wonderful opportunity! Each student's username is his or her 212# for Identification, and each student's password is the first letter of their first name followed by their whole last name. My password, for example, would be jway. The site code is 2105730. Please contact me with any student-specific login or usage information questions.


STORYLINE ONLINE: If you're looking for a fun way to read with your learners, Storyline Online is the perfect resource! This award-winning children's literacy program features notable musicians, actors, actresses, and more reading stories aloud for children. Feel free to spend some time enjoying this free resource at home!


EDUCATION.COM: features fun, free games for students in reading a variety of other subject areas. Students, feel free to check this resource out at school and at home to spend some time learning while you play!


RENAISSANCE PLACE/STAR: Renaissance Place allows students to access our Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader, and STAR programs. This resource, however, may not be accessed outside the associated school network.


MR. NUSSBAUM: This website provides FREE games and activities about a variety of subjects and topics on different grade levels. The easiest way to get started is to select a grade level tab at the top of the page and begin exploring the games there. Don't forget to check out the wonderful science and social studies resources, too! Have fun exploring!


MATH ANTICS: Math Antics allows students to watch FREE videos about the math skills of their choice. If you have a spare moment at home, check out an engaging and interactive Math Antics video!


KHAN ACADEMY: Like Math Antics, Khan Academy allows students to watch FREE videos about the math skills of their choice and to complete corresponding problems or activities for additional practice. If you have a spare moment at home, check out a Khan Academy lesson and strengthen your number knowledge!