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Law & Justice  


Google Classroom Code: mchjgbu


Course Description

LAW & JUSTICE is a course designed for South Warren High School students to explore an essential component of civilized society--government. You will examine the purpose and origins of rules and regulations throughout human history as well as the institutions charged with creating and enforcing these rules, especially those structures existing in the United States today. In addition, you will study a wide range of issues in contemporary legal studies including criminal, civil, constitutional, and even international law.

In the second half of the course, you will critically examine the concept of justice under the law, particularly its nature and the various perspectives surrounding its definition and adjudication in the world today, again primarily within the framework of the American legal system. By studying the interrelationships among the values of freedom, order, security, equality, equity, responsibility, rule of law, human rights, honesty, rational process, and human dignity, you will gradually discover the essence of and difficulties within the American system of law and justice.

Course Objectives

Each student will:

understand why we live under the rule of law.

explain how the law can be used to both protect and oppress.

explain how laws are created, enforced, interpreted, and changed.

understand the difficulties in defining justice and injustice in absolute terms.

identify different perspectives and definitions of justice.

explore civil rights issues and the role advocacy groups, civic action, and the media play in our justice system. create your own definition of justice based on your own political values.

compare the U. S. justice system with the legal and political systems, philosophies, and practices of other



Classroom Expectations

  1. Follow directions quickly.
  2. Be prepared for class each day--paper, pen/pencil, and a positive attitude.
  3. Please raise your hand to speak in full class discussions.
  4. Students should be RESPECTFUL — both toward themselves and others.


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