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Reel History  



3rd Block Google Classroom Code: ottrpxf

4th Block Googel Classroom Code: bmpthcb


The course involves a selective exploration of various cinematic re-creations and reconstructions of the lives, personalities, and events of more than a dozen historical figures or eras. Through the use of visual media (documentaries, films, television, etc.) and print media (books, newspapers, magazines) students will examine and analyze the historical worth of these items in comparison to the work of historians, biographers, and film scholars. The class will also consider general methodological issues raised by the use of film in the study of history and biography.  Throughout the course students learn how to correctly construct research papers, annotated bibliographies, and other forms of presenting the information they have investigated. Social Studies Teacher recommendation is required.

  • NTI days

    Students will be expected to watch two films during the week. For one of the films they need to construct a Google slides presentation and post it on the Google classroom. For the other film they need to do a paper on Google docs, double spaced, a page and a half long, comparing the film they watched to the actual events that they researched.

    Since the first week is a short week, students will only be expected to do one film.

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