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Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List


1.  Headphones - headphones are necessary because they will work daily on laptops - headphones are sturdier than the ear buds and are easier for the kids to keep up with.

2. Crayons 

3.  2 packages of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga is the preferred brand)

4.  Tissues

5. Lysol wipes

6. Markers

7. 6 three pronged plastic folders - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Choice, Choice

8. Pencil box (8X5) or pencil pouch

9. 4 notebooks (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)

10. 2 packages of big, black dry erase markers

11.  pencil top erasers or pink big erasers

 12. Scissors

13.  One package of loose leaf paper 

14.  Sticky notes - 3X3 size

15.  Glue sticks

Optional:  Colored pencils

Other items we can always use extra of:  colored or white card stock, dry erase markers (we always run out before the end of the year), quart and gallon size ziplock bags, a bag of candy for the treat basket (or non edible treat basket goodies), and paper towels