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Yearly Volunteer Trainings



Do I need Volunteer Training?

-Planning on attending a field trip? Even in MAY?   YES

-Want to eat lunch with your child AND one of their friends?   YES

-Have students in other schools that you want to help?   YES

-Want to help with school parties and class activities?   YES


Anyone who would like to help in any capacity in Warren County Schools must complete the YEARLY volunteer training.

Background checks are done every 5 years, but training must be completed every year.

If you have more than one school you will be volunteering in, you will only need to complete training at ONE of those schools now.

If you are a returning parent with a volunteer badge from last year, please bring that to your choice of training dates. Your badge from last year has your background expiration date on it, and will make volunteer training quicker and more streamline. Once training is complete, and background checks are back, the new volunteer badge color will be issued.

For questions, or to schedule a training outside of listed dates, during the school day, please contact Katie Prewitt at (270)904-8725 or by e-mail at