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Afternoon Dismissal

Afternoon Dismissal Bus/Transportation Information

On Wednesday, August 17th, Warren East High and Warren East Middle began a new bus loading system during afternoon dismissal and WE need your help to make it run as smoothly as possible.  From this point forward we will be keeping traffic from moving between the middle school and the high school until the buses have been dismissed.  The following will hopefully help with this new PM traffic pattern.  Please read both options below to find which best suits you!

  1. If you are normally in the car-rider line, you will need to meet your child on the 526/tennis court side of the building and your child will be exiting Door 24.
  2. If you are a parent who has a student at both the middle school and the high school, you will need to wait at the middle school and your high schooler will walk over to meet you in that car rider line.  You will then exit out onto Louisville Road from the WE Middle School lot.

Thank you for your cooperation!