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How to print from Google Drive (on any device)

  • First, make sure that printing is necessary.  Sharing via Google Drive is usually a better option.

  • Select the icon and follow the commands.  Be sure you are printing to the correct printer.  You also have the option to save as a PDF.

How to print from a Mac

  • At the very top of the screen, select “File” then “Print”.  Follow the commands.  You also have the option to save as a PDF.

How to print from a PC

  • In Chrome: Select the menu from the top right corner of the browser  and select “Print”.  Follow the commands.

  • In Firefox: Select “File” and “Print”.

How to print from a Chromebook

  • You can’t!  You will need to share your work via Google Drive.

How to print slides as a handout (on the Macs)

  • Follow the print option, and select to save as a PDF.  Be sure to set the location to Desktop.

  • Open the PDF.  It will open in a program called Preview.

  • Select “File”, then “Print”.  

  • There will be a dropdown menu that says “Preview”.  Select “Layout”.

  • Choose the number of slides (pages) you want per sheet.  Then print!

I created something in Google Drive, but it isn’t showing up!

  • Are you logged in to YOUR account?  Sometimes people don’t log out, so you aren’t looking at your information.  Log out and try again.

  • Still not there?  Unfortunately, you probably completed the assignment on someone else’s Google account.  This is unfortunate, but just make sure that you are always signed in to YOUR account.  And that you always sign out when you are finished!