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Google Drive

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Every teacher and student in the Warren County Schools has access to a FREE Google Drive account.  Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your documents, photos, videos, and more online. From Drive, you can also use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other applications to create and edit various types of files. Store all your files in Drive privately, or share them with anyone just by clicking "share" and typing in their email address! You can quickly invite others to view, comment, and edit any file or folder you choose (you can even edit at the same time as someone else)! Plus, since your documents are all stored on the Google server, you don't have to worry about loosing your work if your computer crashes!

Google Drive works best when using the Google Chrome browser.  If you don't have the Chrome browser installed on your computer you can download it here!

Teacher login information is the same as your email address.  For example:


Password: same as email password 

Student Login information:


Password: your 9 digit student id number

Having Trouble? 

Try putting a 2 or a 3 after you last name.  If you have two last names, try with a hyphen and try without a hyphen.  If you have a really long name, your login will only be the first 20 character of your name (Ex. Elizabeth Moore-Montomery would be either 

Still can't get logged in? Ask a library staff member for help!


Ideas for using Google Drive in the Classroom:

  • Promote group collaboration and creativity by having students record their group projects together in a single document.  You can even see who did each part of the group work!
  • Facilitate writing as a process by having students share their document with you as they work.  You can check up on their work at any time and provide insight and help using the comments feature. Better yet, allow students to share with each other to utilize peer editing!
  • Collaborate on a document with fellow teachers.  From common assessments to pacing guides and curriculum maps, Drive will allow you all to work on on the same document from different locations.
  • Create assignments and answer keys that will automatically be graded and create instant data of how students performed.

Click here to play Connect 4

Click here to see a video on how to use Google Drive Forms to create a test or quiz on Google Drive for students to take online. Click here to see a video on how to create your answer key so that the Form will grade each test or quiz and give you valuable data automatically.