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Library Services

The WEHS Library is not just a resource for students, WE offer many services for teachers as well! 

Here are a few of the services offered:

  • Lesson plan development 
  • Print and multimedia resource selection (books, online databases, audiobooks, videos, technology equipment, and more!) 
  • Pathfinder creation to support specific assignments
  • Instruction on databases, search techniques, and web evaluation. The librarian may also co-teach for specific lessons.

Need library resources to go with your lesson plan? Want help designing a research project? Wondering how to use a database? Contact the library for help. We're happy to consult with you!


Reserve the media center

The media center offers two instructional areas and several other labs:

  • 30 iMacs for student use (in the library)
  • A classroom area with an interactive panel and seating for up to 60 students (in the library)
  • 30 HP desktops  (in the lab adjacent to the library)
  • 30 Stationary Chromeboxes (in the lab adjacent to the library)
  • An interactive panel to use for instruction in the lab adjacent to the library
  • A Chromebook mobile laptop cart of 30 (stationed in the AV/Copy Room, see Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Whitney, or Mrs. Brewer for the key)

Also, Mrs. Hall is available to come to your classroom to provide instruction or research support.

To reserve a lab or the classroom area, go to our Faculty/Staff Resource page.  Please make sure you are logged into your Google account to view the calendars.


Sending students to the Media Center

Occasionally, you may find it necessary to send a student to the Media Center. In that case, please make sure to send a note with students with the date, time, destination, and your signature. When students arive, they will be asked to sign in to the Media Center at the kiosk located on the circulation desk.  The sign in form on the computer will document the date and time of their arrival, who sent them to the library, and their purpose for being in the library.  If you would like to make sure that student arrived when they were supposed to, please check with Mrs. Hall.

Please note that because classes are often conducted in the Media Center computer lab, students cannot be guaranteed access to a computer. The library staff will do their best to accommodate for students who need a computer, but there is no guarantee.  


Find video material

Teachers can use our online catalog to see the list of videos that are available. Here's how:

  • Click the Catalog tab at the top left of the catalog screen
  • In the Material Type drop-down menu, select Video
  • Click the Title button, and all of our videos will be displayed.
  • If the video you are searching for is not available, please see a library staff member to assist you.  We may be able to borrow, purchase, or find a digital copy of the video.