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Classroom Procedures & Policies

Class Expectations, Procedures, and Policies  

Entering the class:

  • Sit in your assigned seat. EVERY DAY!

  • Have all assignments completed and ready to turn in upon arrival.

  • Begin the bell ringer exercise as soon as, if not before, the bell rings for class to begin.

  • Put your phone away, and remove earbuds/headphones.


During class:

  • Stay in your seat.

  • Listen when the teacher is talking. Listen when announcements are being made by the office.

  • Do not talk across the room.

  • Face the front of the room.

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

  • Raise your hand in order to be recognized to speak. This does not require opening your mouth.

  • Leave all technology alone unless instructed by the teacher or granted permission.

  • Leave all property not owned by you alone.  ASK before you turn on my fans or move them.

  • Sleeping should be done on your own time.  

  • Do your make-up, hair, and nails at home. Don't do anyone else's make-up, hair, or nails in class either.

  • Purses should stay off the desk.


Leaving the room:

  • Wait for the teacher to finish before leaving the room.  Stay in your seat until dismissed.

  • NEVER line up at the door.

  • Personal business should be taken care of between classes if at all possible.  You will be issued 3 hall passes per quarter. You must present one to the teacher to leave the room.  If you lose them, too bad.

  • Only one student will be allowed out of the room at a time.

  • Replace textbooks under desks and other materials, including lining up desks, where you found them.

  • Sign out any classroom set textbooks, if needed.


Late work:

  • Late work is always accepted, but CANNOT receive full credit.

  • Credit will be determined by the number of days late and/or if the lateness was due to an excused absence.


Computer Lab Behavior:

    – No surfing the web without permission.

    -  Do not change any screen settings, defaults, etc. Abuse of computers and/or not following lab guidelines may result in loss of lab privileges and/or office referrals.

    -  Food or drinks should not be near the computers

    -  Students must obey Mrs. Brewer/Mrs. Whitney/Mrs. Cosby as well as the teacher.    


Behavior for Substitute Teachers:

  • Students should follow the same procedures, policies, and have the same expectations whenever there is a substitute teacher due to Mrs. Browning being out for personal, or business, reasons.



  • A reminder (warning) will be given. Failure to correct the behavior in a timely fashion will result in lunch detentions and/or office referrals. Consequences are doubled if there was a substitute.

  • Arguing with the teacher after reminders or punishments have been issued will only further your consequences.


Tardy Policy - You are considered tardy if your full body is not inside the room when the bell rings.


Cell Phone Policy - All cell phones and earbuds/headphones shall remain out of sight during instruction. Smart watches fall under the same guidelines. Charging phones is allowed at the designated charging station ONLY.  Note: The teacher is not responsible if it is stepped on. Wrap your cords so they are not a hazard. Your phone MUST stay face down at the station until the END of class. Cell phones CAN NOT be removed from the charging station to take to the restroom. Cell phones will be used occasionally in class for various assignments. Consequences of cell phone policy violations are as follows: 1st offense - phone is taken for the duration of the class period; 2nd offense - phone is taken for the duration of the class, phone call home, and lunch detention assigned; 3rd, and any subsequent, offense - phone is taken for the duration of the class, phone call home, office referral for defiance.