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8th Grade Baby Photos

Dear South Warren Parents/Guardians,

The South Warren News Team wants to include a special news segment that is to remind 8th graders of how proud we are of them and to thank them for a job well done.  One of the special things is a collage of pictures.  No more than 3 pictures of each student can be used due to time constraints.  We would like to have 2 baby photos and 1 currrent (or close to current) photo. 

What we need:

You can send a hard copy - Please put your child’s name and 8th grade homeroom teacher on the back so it may be returned to you.  Pencil may work best so that it does not “bleed” through.  

Hard copies will be scanned on a digital scanner, while we will take great precautions with every photo, South Warren News is not responsible in the event a photo gets damaged in the scanning process.  Small “wallet sized” photos may be difficult to scan, avoid these when possible.  


Submit digital photos on the form below.  Photo submission deadline is May 4th 2018any photos submitted after this date may not make it into the video. Please collect your photos now and get them to us as soon as possible.