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Grading System

  Grading System For Mr. Spires Social Studies



  All homework is required to be completed.  Any student who does not complete assigments will receive a Minor Infraction form and will be required to do the work + penalty work.  The consequences of not doing your work in my class is doing your work - Not completing an assignment is not an option.  ALL HOMEWORK is worth 100 points.


  Tests are different than homework.  Students will receive a percentage grade out of a 100% - This grade is strickly determined by what students score on the exam.  In addition to this score, students will receive an individual score for each of the standards that were being assesed on the exam.  

For example:

Student Doe scored 80% on the overall score of the exam.  You will see a unit test grade of 80% under this column.  


Due to the fact that there were multiple questions over each standard on the test (5 minimum) as student may miss 6 total questions to receive the 80% score (Student Doe above), but fully understand and have mastered most or all of the standards being tested.  

These scores come in the form of a 3,2,1,and 0.  

4 or 5 correct is Mastery 100% 

3 of 5 correct (out of 5) is Semi-Mastery 80%

1 or 2 correct (out of 5) is partial but lacking understanding 60%

Zero correct out of 5 is fully lacking understanding 40%. 


So Student Doe scored:

3 out of 5 correct for Standard 1 which is a (2) - 80%

4 correct for Standard 2 which is a (3) - 100%

4 correct for Standard 3 which is (3) - 100%

5 correct for Standard 4 which is (3) - 100%

4 correct for Standard 5 which is (3) - 100%

4 correct for Standard 4 which is (3) - 100%

FOR A STANDARDS BASED GRADE OF 96%    (all 6 standard scores totaled and divided by 6).

This is fair for students because (in the example above), the student has fully mastered every standard except one, the one missed question in most of the other standards does not prove that the student does not know the content, in fact the correct amount proves otherwise.  These missed questions could be from the lack of concentration, a student forgettting to answer a question, a poorly written question (on my part) and many other reasons.  The student still proved that they know the content and should be rewarded as such. 


I do put both grades in because in there are instances where students score a 100% or even a 96% without standard based. By putting both grades in, it fair to both students because it may come down to percentage points for awards at the end of the year.  The student who scores higher overall should be rewarded for their hard work and attention to detail for missing fewer overall questions before standard based grades are assigned. 

If you have any questions:

Contact me.