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Course Title:  Social Studies

Grade:  8th

Teacher:  Mr. Spires



Class website address:












Most information about what is going on in class can be accessed via the class website.  Homework is posted by the week as well as downloadable documents that were used in class.  If you are absent or forget something at school, this should be the first place you check for what you missed.



If you want to be informed about happenings on our twitter account you can text follow swms8silver to 40404 and you will get a text any time one of our team teachers creates a tweet about our classes. 




This course is designed to cover United States history from its beginnings through Reconstruction.  The course is aligned with the requirements of the Kentucky Core Content and Program of Studies for Social Studies from the Kentucky Department of Education.  We will cover the following units throughout the year:


ECONOMICS                                    AMERICAN REVOLUTION                     SOCIAL REFORMS

GEOGRAPHY                                    THE U.S. CONSTITUTION                        INDUSTRIAL REV.

CULTURE                                            GOVERNMENT/CIVICS                         CIVIL WAR

AGE OF EXPLORATION                     THE EARLY REPUBLIC                            RECONSTRUCTION

COLONIZATION                                MANIFEST DESTINY



  Three-ring binder (1” minimum)    Loose-leaf paper   Pencils (#2) or **Mechanical **(Students who use Mechanical pencils must keep extra lead)    Crayola Colored pencils (12 count or higher), ruler, index cards, highlighers, flash drive (4mb or larger). 


Projects and Products can include, but are not limited to the following:


Open response questions                        Oral presentations

Portfolio, and journal writing                    Individual and group projects

Song writing                                               Videos

PowerPoint                                                 IMovies





I have the right to teach, you have the right to learn ANYTHING that goes against either of these breaks my classroom expectations!


Five simple expectations to remember are:


  1. Always wait until you are called on to speak.
  2. Always follow the expectations for any given classroom situation.
  3. Never talk when the teacher or a classmate is talking.
  4. Come to class prepared with all needed supplies.
  5. Remember – the bell does not excuse you from class – Mr. Spires does.




In most cases, homework consists of gathering information for a group project.  At other times, working on the review for the test will be worked on at home.  I do not assign chapter sections for homework and the book is used as only a supplemental resource and will not be needed at home on most nights.


With this said, the limited amount of homework that is given during my class makes homework very important during those times that it is given.  If a student does not bring homework or their required part of a group project on the assigned day, it puts their classmates in a bad situation.  In many cases I will assign the student the project to do by him or herself.   Do what is expected of you for each assignment!




Our class text is The American Republic to 1877 and you can access it through the link on this website.


Let’s have a great 8th grade year  - Mr. Spires