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How will I be graded in FACS Essentials

How will I be graded in this course???


Learning Targets- all content in this course comes from National Family and Consumer Sciences Standards (NAFACS). Each unit, students will have one or more standards they will need to master. This is how they will be graded on their mastery of learning targets aligned with a scoring guide or rubric for each summative assignment.  


Grades- students will have one or more standard to master for each unit. Their mastery of the standard is based on the summative assessment that they complete for that unit. 


Scoring Guide:

    Mastery (3) = 95% -> student has shown evidence of mastery of the standard

    Partial (2) = 80% -> student has shown progress to mastering standard- not there yet

    Limited (1) = 65% -> student has shown little to no progress of mastering standard

    Not completed (0) = 40% -> missing or incomplete assignment


Can a student get a 100% on a standard---YES!!! That would be EXEMPLARY- where the student goes above and beyond the mastery of skill and can apply to real world situations when possible. This is not given with extra credit- this is simply when a student goes way beyond what is asked to make more connection to real world than asked. Most assignments have a rubric and for a student to receive a 100% or Exemplary- they would do better than just what is asked in that specific assignment. 


What you might see in Infinite Campus

All grades are put into IC for each student but not ALL grades are calculated in the students average. Those scores are from FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT. 


Formative Assessments- are checks for learning. This is where I can check in multiple ways if the student is understanding and progressing through the standard. 


Summative Assessments- are end of unit checks of understanding/mastery of their current unit. All summative assessments will go towards the students overall average/grade. These are usually given at end of each unit- when students can show their understanding and mastery level of specific skills connected to each learning target. 



Learning Target 1- I can explain how to use each of the employable skills now and throughout my future. 


Assignment (summative)- Student will write Mrs Hardcastle a letter detailing how they will use each employable skill now and in their future. Students will use a different real world connection for each skill. (I would give a detailed assignment and rubric/scoring guide)


Score- Depending on the rubric and scoring guide- I will grade based on that guide and their level of mastery for that assignment. 


Goes above what is asked- all parts correct= 100% exemplary


Masters skill and is able to connect to real world= 95% mastery


Has some understanding of content, not quite there yet= 80% partial


Little to no comprehension of content = 65% limited


Did not turn in assignment= 40% missing