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Essential 55

Essential 55

Together, we are implementing a list of expectations called “The Essential 55” developed by Ron Clark, acclaimed author and founder of the Ron Clark Academy. These rules will help our leaders further develop into productive and successful members of society. We're excited to rock these rules!

The Essential 55

Rule 1: Respond to adults with “Yes, ma’am” or “No, sir”.

Rule 2: Make eye contact when someone is speaking.

Rule 3: Congratulate winners. Celebrate and clap appropriately when someone does something well.

Rule 4: Respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas during class and conversation.

Rule 5: If you win, do not brag. If you lose, do not show or speak out of anger.

Rule 6: If you’re asked a question in conversation, ask a question in return.

Rule 7: Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Say, “Excuse me.”

Rule 8: Do not show disrespect with gestures.

Rule 9: When given something, always say, “Thank you.” Show genuine appreciation promptly.

Rule 10: When you receive something, do not insult the gift or the giver.

Rule 11: Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness regularly.

Rule 12: When grading another student’s work, give only the correct grade.

Rule 13: Follow along when we read together in class.

Rule 14: Answer all written questions with a complete sentence. Do the same in conversation.

Rule 15: Do not ask for a reward.

Rule 16: You must complete your assigned work and any homework everyday.

Rule 17: Transitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly.

Rule 18: Be as organized as possible.

Rule 19: When work is assigned, do not moan or complain.

Rule 20: When a guest teacher is present, all of the rules still apply.

Rule 21: Follow the specific classroom procedures.

Rule 22: You may bring a water bottle to class. You may not miss instruction for a drink of water. You may have a snack if it is not seen or heard.

Rule 23: Know the names of other teachers. Speak to them and greet them in the hallway by name.

Rule 24: Keep yourself and the bathrooms clean and germ free.

Rule 25: Greet visitors and make them feel welcome.

Rule 26: Do not save seats in the cafeteria. We are a family. We show respect and do not exclude.

Rule 27: Do not stare at a student who is being reprimanded.

Rule 28: Contact me if you have an assignment or homework question and leave one message.

Rule 29: Follow the ABCs of Etiquette.

Rule 30: After dining in the cafeteria or elsewhere, be responsible for your area and your trash.

Rule 31: In a hotel room, leave a tip for the workers who clean your room.

Rule 32: On a bus, always face forward.

Rule 33: When meeting new people, shake hands and repeat their name.

Rule 34: When offered food, take only your fair share.

Rule 35: If someone drops something and you are close to it, pick it up for them.

Rule 36: Hold the door open for people rather than letting it close on them.

Rule 37: If someone bumps into you, say “Excuse me,” even if it wasn’t your fault.

Rule 38: On a field trip, enter a public building, or any area where people are gathered, quietly.

Rule 39: On a field trip, compliment the place you are visiting and show appreciation.

Rule 40: During an assembly, do not speak to, call out to, or turn to look at friends.

Rule 41: At home, answer your phone in a polite and appropriate manner.

Rule 42: When returning from a trip, shake the hands of every chaperone and volunteer.

Rule 43: On escalators, you should stand to the right and walk to the left.

Rule 44: When walking in line, keep your arms at your sides and move quietly.

Rule 45: Never cut in line.

Rule 46: Do not talk inside a movie theater during a movie. Eat any snacks as quietly as possible.

Rule 47: Every week, we will dance to 80s rock music! (This is Mrs. Lecoffre's Personality Rule, and it is all in good fun!)

Rule 48: If anyone is bullying you, let me know.

Rule 49: Stand up for what you believe in.

Rule 50: Be positive and enjoy life!

Rule 51: Live so that you will never have regrets.

Rule 52: Learn from your mistakes. Move on from them.

Rule 53: No matter the situation, always be honest.

Rule 54: Carpe Diem!