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7th Grade Science
7th Grade Science  

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  • Roller Coaster Engineering
    Roller Coaster Engineering
    Students are designing roller coasters in 7th grade science.  They received their instructions yesterday and have begun researching classroom roller coaster project designs.  
    They will each have one or more roles in their groups.  These roles include:
    Team Leader
    You are responsible for seeing the project through to completion. You will need to constantly assess where team members need help and assist them. You will need to keep the rubric in hand and constantly refer back to it to make sure that your team is meeting the criteria. You will be the lead communicator, making sure that feedback is understood and evaluated. You will work with the team to develop and present the name and theme for your roller coaster idea.
    Design Engineer
    You are responsible for investigating which types of energy of motion exert force on the roller coaster at each location on the track. You will be the consultant for your team in knowing how to adjust the track to meet the criteria required. You will share your findings along with your team in the final presentation.
    You are responsible for researching and drawing the sketches for the development of the prototype roller coaster. Your sketch will include the name of the ride as well as the theme ideas that make your ride unique. You will clearly mark on the sketch where the different types of energy of motion occur. This information should help you make decisions about the construction of the prototype. You will share your findings along with your team in the final presentation.
    System Operator
    You are responsible for operating the roller coaster during testing and the presentation. You will check the data with each test to determine if any changes are required. You will help with the prepare and present the final presentation.
    The students must plan a design that includes two hills, one loop and one curve and have their marble stop without flying off the end of the coaster.  They are required to bring their own materials but I will provide glue guns, masking tape, marbles, paper to design their project and other items from class they choose to use for elevation.  Please talk to your student about this project.  They are excited to be building a roller coaster and as a group, they should be able to successfully complete the project.  
    Due Date:  Tuesday, September 26, 2017.  
    Students will present their project to class beginning Tuesday, September 26th, with a minimum 10 minute presentation.  They will be allowed 3 attempts to launch their marble to successfully complete the full course of their coaster.
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