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Grading Policy

Grades in Infinite Campus will be placed in one of two categories: formative assessment and summative assessment. 

Formative assessments are given throughout the course of each nine weeks and are used to guide students in their knowledge of the skills we practice. These grades will account for 20% of a student’s final grade. Formative assessments are given frequently and can range anywhere from vocabulary quizzes, to in-class activities and learning checks, to homework assignments. While these are not defined explicitly at the beginning of the year, these assignments will be marked as “formative” in the grade book. Ideally, formative assessments enable students to monitor their own learning: how am I performing on each Language Arts skill? 

Summative assessments are given at the end of each quarter. These grades count for 80% of a student’s grade and cannot be retaken. The formative practice given throughout the quarter is intentionally planned to facilitate a student’s performance on a summative assessment. 

Each assignment listed in the Infinite Campus will be labeled based on the skill the assignment was designed to assess. For a list of the Kentucky Academic Standards for 7th grade, click HERE!