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The Southern 630 at Walton, Kentucky






One spring morning a group of railfans headed out to northeastern Kentucky to catch a rare operating steam engine on an excursion for the Norfolk Southern Railroad’s employee special. The Southern 630 was a Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum engine, acting as power for this train. The two diesel locomotives provided power for the passenger train, while the 630 was pulling. The first shot was at Walton, KY. Walton is where the Norfolk Southern crosses the CSX LCL (Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington) subdivision on a bridge. After the shot at Walton, we chased it, and other NS freights, to Cincinnati. I liked this shot, because it shows STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). First it is a steam engine. Also, the Science is how the creator invented it. The Technology is how they restored it and keep it operating. The Engineering is the way it is perfectly designed. The Art is the design of the interior to make it comfortable for the operators. The Math is the dimensions of the boiler, cab, and other items to keep it operating properly.