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Graphic Design--Derek W.

Graphic Design Process

I have created a graphic design of a t-shirt for our school for basketball.  I used the program Design Studio at  After opening the program I chose a type of shirt and a base color for the t-shirt from the style options available.


For the front of the t-shirt I went to the text box and typed in “RES” which stands for Richardsville Elementary School and made it black.  I went to the copyright free clipart in the design studio under sports and found a silhouette of a basketball player and chose the color black.  I decided I needed more interest so I added a background design that I again found in the free clipart in the design studio under shapes.  I did this three times because I did the first layer as white and large, the 2nd light gray and slightly smaller, and the 3rd layer of the same design even smaller with dark gray.  I did this to create depth and make my basketball player pop out more.  After looking at it my art teacher and I thought moving the player down and to the right leaving the basketball be right in the center of the background design gave more emphasis to the basketball.  After I did that though the RES and the player did not look right so I played around moving it and making it different sizes.  I finally decided that it looked best slightly turned diagonal on the top left side and better balanced my artwork.  I finally used the distress button that the program has to give it more of an old time worn look.  I was very please with it.


For the back of the t-shirt I went to the clipart under animals this time and found a really cool bobcat I liked.   I wanted a red outline so I duplicated the bobcat and made the bobcat smaller and made it black and the other one red.  Then I went to the text box and added a text of  “Bobcats” to the back of the shirt . I also used distress on the back


This is how I used Design Studio at www. bluecotton .com to make my graphic design.