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Family Of Spies: Sunrise A New Dawn by Emma M.



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I wrote Family Of Spies: Sunrise A New Dawn because I am a student at
212 Academy. It is an academy for gifted young people in the fifth and sixth
grades. One of the programs they use at the academy is Lulu Self Publishing. I
chose to be a part of this ‘class,’ where I had the opportunity to publish a
book. That is how I had the chance to write Family Of Spies: Sunrise A New
Honestly, I don’t remember exactly how I got inspired to create the
book. I had the idea a while before I actually created a rough draft. I had been
reading the Hunger Games and Divergent series around the time and was
thinking, I wish I could write a trilogy that is as amazing as these. And then I
had the option to.
1. Over 8-9 weeks, I typed a document that would become a Family Of
Spies: Sunrise A New Dawn rough draft. I used probably A MILLION fonts, a
few being Neucha, Architect’s Daughter, Syncopate, and Orbitron. I arranged
my title page, planning to add an image I had taken with my camera later.
Then I started the body of the story.
2. Once I had my story’s rough draft done, I transferred the document
to Word. There, it didn’t recognize ANY of my fonts, and had a limited
number of the kinds of fonts I wanted, so I had to change my flashy fonts to
much simpler ones like Century Gothic, although it was still cool.
3. I went to 212 Academy, or just ‘212’ as we call it, and one of the
teachers there, Mrs. Sheffield, helped me download my draft to Lulu Self
Publishing as a PDF. Then we designed the cover, with a photo I had taken
and the title on the front, and a peach background, a bit about myself, and an
introduction to the book on the back.
4. After I typed that same introduction on the website, my mom, Karen
McGuffey, who is a teacher and works at my school, bought a couple of
copies of my book to make sure there weren’t any mistakes. There were a
few, so the next time I was at 212, I edited the book, saved it again, and
published it as a 2nd edition.