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Supplies & Wish List

The only materials and supplies that you will need to provide for your child are:


1. A backpack that your child can carry that is large enough to fit a library book and a nap blanket.
2. A light blanket, sheet, or beach towel for your child to use at rest time.
3. A change of clothing (shirt, pants/bottoms, underwear and socks) for your child to change in to if they get wet or dirty. (We can sometimes make some pretty fun messes that make a change of clothes necessary).
4. Comfortable shoes that will allow your child to climb, jump, run, etc. while on the playground and in the room. For safety reasons, flip-flops (sandals without backs) are prohibited for our preschoolers.


If you would like to purchase items for our classroom. I have provided a wish list of supplies that we use on a regular basis. You do NOT have to purchase these materials/supplies for our classroom but your donations are greatly appreciated. 


Preschool Wish List 

Hand Sanitizer

Paper Towels


Loose-leaf Notebook Paper or Spiral Notebook

Construction Paper

Clorox Wipes

Baby Wipes

Gallon-sized Ziploc Bags

Quart-sized Ziploc Bags

2.5 or 3 gallon-sized Ziploc Bags

Dry erase markers