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Topics to Be Studied

 Geography (2 weeks)

World Maps: Continents and Oceans
World Maps: Longitude and Latitude
Physical Features of the Continental United States
Extended Reading: Overland Routes to California
                                   Water Routes to California

Native Americans (3 weeks)

Interactions between Native American Groups
Causes of conflicts and outcomes
Conflict resolution strategies
how human settlement was influenced by physical characteristics 
    climate, landforms, bodies of water
Modifying land to meet their needs  
     technology advances

Exploration (3 weeks)

Culture - languages, beliefs, traditions
Cultures that explored America
Similarities and differences of early cultures
Interactions between early explores and Native Americans
Conflicts and outcomes - early explorers and Native Americans

Colonization and Settlement (4 weeks)

Reasons immigrants came to America
Reasons that immigrants come to America today
Human settlement in early America caused by
    physical characteristics
technology advancements