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COVID 19 assistance info

WCPS Behavior Coaches are available to offer support and assistance for behavioral needs you may be experiencing with your child (motivation, scheduling, coping strategies, etc.). Feel free to contact us by completing this form and a member of our behavior team (Mrs. Loraine Lacey, Mrs. Stacy Lindsey, or Mrs. Penny Tuttle) will contact you soon.

In Kentucky these Health Providers are helping provide a link for your families to access phone service:


Anthem: Smartphone with 1000 monthly minutes and unlimited texts

Humana: Smartphone with monthly data, talk and texts

Passport: Safelink Smartphone with 1 GB of data and 350 minutes

WellCare: Smartphone with 1000 min and 1 GB of data

Aetna: Smartphone with unlimited text

Just a reminder Passport Members are eligible for a Safelink Phone.


Talley Counseling Services is offering FREE telehealth counseling during this stressful and uncertain time. If you're struggling with any type of emotion that it's making daily life difficult, please call and make an appointment. More information is listed in the flyer. For appointments call 270-883-1763 or 270-745-4204.


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Are you in a crisis? Call 800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741.


Supporting your Mental Health While Navigating Change-


Below are links to Presumptive Eligibility forms that are being used to sign up those in need for Medicaid coverage to expedite the enrollment process during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please share this information with your network of advocates!


  • A form (link attached) needs to be completed for EACH person that is in of insurance
    • i.e. if you have you, your husband and a child and the child is already covered by Medicaid then you must complete a form for you and your spouse
    • In the household section, you will need to list ALL members of your family, including the child that is already covered by Medicaid
  • Presumptive Eligibility only gives up to 3-months of coverage, through JUNE 30, 2020
    • At this time “PE” ends on June 30th, regardless of when applied for
    • Once your information is confirmed for eligibility you will be assigned to an MCO and sent an ID card
    • If you want to change your MCO you can call Benefind and asked to be switched to the MCO of your choice
  • To continue coverage you MUST complete an application to apply for Medicaid, you can do this via the following ways


  • Again, at the time of application you may ELECT your MCO of choice, otherwise you will be assigned one randomly
    • You can change your MCO within the first 90 days by calling Benefind and requesting the MCO of choice