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Hope Harbor Programs


Hope Harbor is a sexual trauma recovery center located in Bowling Green.  Click on the link for specifics on programs and services.





 Hope Harbor, Inc. provides community education programs and professional trainings to ten counties: Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Simpson, Metcalfe, Monroe,

Warren Counties in Kentucky.


  • ?  My Body Belongs to Me (preschool 3rd) - A safety curriculum designed to introduce to children the concept of appropriate and inappropriate touches, safety rules learned. (Each child receives an original coloring book to share with parents/guardians).

  • ?  The Three Kinds of Touches (preschool) - A six-session classroom curriculum which teaches children about “safe, ouch and uh-oh touches” and personal boundaries.

  • ?  Building Healthy Relationships Curriculum (K 5th) - A five session safety curriculum designed to provide children with basic skills for decreasing sexual harassment by focusing on understanding and establishing healthy relationships. Children work on developing self-awareness, mutual respect, and communication and negotiation skills.

  • ?  Telling is Smart (4th 6th) - A safety curriculum designed to teach students to identify appropriate and inappropriate touches and learn to establish personal boundaries. The program also introduces kids to basic internet safety. (Each child receives an original bookmark with internet safety tips).

  • ?  You’re in Charge (7th – 8th) - Takes a hands-on approach to creating assertiveness skills in children to help them know how to respond and where to go for help if they are being sexually harassed.

  • ?  Getting Love Right (7th 12th) - Takes a hands-on approach for creating assertiveness skills in adolescents, as they are confronted with the issues of sexual violence in a relationship, including learning the legal definition of rape and sexual assault, practical tips for reducing the risk of an attack, and where to go for help if sexually assaulted.

  • ?  Building Healthy Relationships Curriculum (6th 12th) - A five week safety curriculum is designed to provide children with basic skills for decreasing sexual harassment by focusing on understanding and establishing healthy relationships.

  • ?  Internet Safety Curriculum (K 12th) - A highly interactive safety curriculum teaches children safety guidelines when using the internet.

  • ?  GirlPower Curriculum - A prevention program for pre-adolescent girls. The curriculum addresses the significant correlation between sexual assault and drug and alcohol abuse.

  • ?  Rape Awareness (11th Adult) - Individuals will learn myths and realities of rape, legal definition, correlation between drug and alcohol consumption and what to do if sexually assaulted.

  • ?  Risk Reduction (11th Adult) Individuals will learn important tips on how to reduce their risk of being sexually assaulted. Tips include home safety, public safety, and transportation safety, establishing sexual limits and learning to communicate those limits.

  • ?  Child Sexual Abuse (Adults/Parents/Professionals) Teaches individuals the definition of child sexual abuse, how to recognize it, appropriate reactions to disclosures, legal responsibility to report, and where to go for help if a child you know is being abused.

  • ?  Programs created upon request (any age; typically in response to a critical event) For example, the Safe Environment Programs designed for all parishioners at local catholic schools in response to the recent child sexual abuse scandal.

  • ?  Community Outreach Awareness Programs providing information about services through Health and Safety Fairs, Back-to-school fairs, community-wide awareness events, such as the events for “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

    Hope Harbor, Inc. also provides professional development sessions for educators and educational programs for parents on the above topics. All presentations may be amended as needed for time availability or adapted to audience preference. Professional trainings can be designed to fit the specific needs of the requesting agency or organization.

For more information or to schedule a presentation contact:


( at 270-782-5014