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Tech Tools

Tech Tools

What are they?

Tech tools are resources that have been created based on the idea that many people are now constantly using and accessing media on a daily basis for publishing, creating, and collaborating. Many of our students have become accustomed to using technology regularly in some form or another. As teachers, it is our opportunity to educate students about some of these technological tools and allow them to share their ideas and thoughts in ways that promote student choice and expression! Remember that a key to effective differentiation is providing a variety of strategies to allow students to learn via their own path.  

Watch this! 

Students are eager to use Web 2.0 tools! Click here to see why!


Tech Tools Challenge!

Web 2.0 Tools to Explore!

Animoto is a site that allows students to create virtual slideshows using pictures, text, music, and video clips! 

Blabberize is a tool used to create a talking picture. You can choose the still photo and adjust the mouth! Next, record the audio to go along with it.  

Storybird is a web tool that provides students with colorful artwork that can be used to create their own stories. This is an excellent resource for creative writing. 

Click here for an example of a Storybird. 



Voki is a site that allows you or your students to create avatars that speak. It is a great way to introduce new lessons to your students or let your students share what they have learned! 

here for an example of a Voki. 





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My Simple Show-- Make free videos to show your students or have students create videos to explain a concept they have learned! 
Click here to learn about it.
Here are a few examples of MySimpleShows: House System and Brownfields