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Resources for Teachers




It is my hope that this website will be useful to teachers of all subject areas. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about a certain topic.

General Curriculum

Common Core Standards via Warren County
Program of Studies
ELA Deconstructed Standards Kindergarten
ELA Deconstructed Standards 1st
ELA Deconstructed Standards 2nd
ELA Deconstructed Standards 3rd
ELA Deconstructed Standards 4th
ELA Deconstructed Standards 5th
ELA Deconstructed Standards 6th

Ideas for Intervention- Reading, Math, Behavior
PBIS World- great source for behavior strategies
Discovery Education- great resource for videos and lessons (username: first.last, pw: discovery)
Single Point Rubric- Why haven't we been using these for years?!
ESL Specific Organizers- from Jeff Zwiers

Reading and Writing

Florida Center for Reading Research- reading and writing lessons and centers
Reading Posters for the classroom
Readworks- This resource provides non-fiction passages with accompanying lessons
Close Reading- This article gives a great look into close reading
Close Reading Organizers- Check out these organizers and the poster explaining Close Reading Leveled passages and quizzes
ThinkCerca- English, Social Studies, Science, and Math lessons teachers can assign
Reading A-Z- Leveled E-books with quizzes for comprehension (fee)
Big Universe- K-12 leveled E-books with assessments (fee) Common Core resources for ELA and Math
Reading Vine- Reading skills practice
Newsela- Transforms current articles into different reading levels
CommonLit- Resources for fiction and nonfiction passages
No Red Ink- Adaptive online resource for students to learn languange, editing, etc.
Achieve3000- Literacy printable packets

AdaptEDmind- Fantastic resource with web videos and practice problems
IXL- K-6 interactive games for math content/skills
Rainforestsmath- username: rfmp0249 password: been19
Thinking Blocks- Bar Modeling
Illustrative Math- On the right under the table, click on the blue text "Show Only Illustrated Standards." Find your grade level and then each time you see "Show Illustrations" in blue, you can click it to get additional information or activities that will help with individual standards.
Xtra Math- Great source for teaching math facts!
K-5 Math Teaching Resources- Awesome resources aligned to the Common Core!
Sheppard Software- Free Math Games
Math Centers/Rotations- This is a wonderful resource for teachers to get ideas on how to implement math centers.
CCSS Math Toolbox- Click on Resources for Implementation>PARCC Prototyping Project>Elementary/Middle School Tasks to find sample tasks that have been released so teachers can see the depth of thinking that will be required.
Happy Numbers- great resource for K-2 student practice aligned to CC
Exemplars!- Click here to see the CC alignment to Exemplars. See Mrs. Richardson to gain access to the actual exemplars!
Engaging Math Tasks Presentation (coordinates with Exemplars! link)
Number Talks- great resource for strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Number Talks PowerPoints- check out this link from Locust Grove Elementary for PowerPoints on Number Talks
Mental Math Strategies Posters- This slideshow has mental math strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Bluegrass Learning- Great resource for parents K-2
Georgia Standards Framework and Units- Units broken down for K-5 using Common Core
Math Games- Mr Baxter's Webpage
Fact Fluency Ideas- check this resource out by Alice Cantrell to help students with fact fluency.
Kindergarten Unpacked Math Standards
1st Unpacked Math Standards
2nd Unpacked Math Standards
3rd Unpacked Math Standards
4th Unpacked Math Standards
5th Unpacked Math Standards
6th Unpacked Math Standards
Achieve the Core- Coherence Map to show vertical alignment
YouCubed- Growth Mindset for Math
NRich Maths- Resource with teacher and student ideas
Randi Womack- List of math resources for teachers
Rebecca Gaddie- List of math resources for teachers Common Core resources for ELA and Math
Virtual Math Manipulatives- Algebra tiles, base 10, number lines, etc.
Standards of Mathematical Practice 
3 Act Math Lessons- GFletchy promotes Mathematical Thinking with fun tasks!
Dan Meyer's 3 Act Math Lessons- More Fun with Mathematical Thinking tied to Common Core
Visual Patterns- How would you describe the pattern?
PHET- Interactive simulations for science and math
Robert Kaplinsky- Real world problem solving, estimations, videos, and scenarios
Howard County- Great resource for all things math including tasks


Explore Learning- Inquiry Based Learning
TCT- New page from KDE to find TCTs
PBS Learning through Media
EGFI- Engineering lesson plans and activities 
Science A-Z - free 30 day trial
Egg Harbor- STEM lesson plans aligned to NGSS
Bozeman- a great resource for videos on all NGSS standards. Try searching on You Tube for your specific level keyword "Bozeman" and your standard.
Ambitious Science Teaching- professional learning modules for science
Phenomena for Science- videos and occurrences you can use to teach standards
Bundled Standards- sample of bundled NGSS per grade including phenomena
Mystery Science- Lessons, Videos, Handouts, and Activites for NGSS (free for one year)
PHET- Interactive simulations for science and math
The Wonder of Science 
Engineering Games and Projects (Thanks Lizbeth!)

Sites for Various Subjects

Brainpop- username: natcherelem password: jaguar
Fact Monster
PBS for Teachers
Time for Kids
National Geographic
National Hurricane Center
Mensa- Great resource for a variety of subjects
Whole Brain Teaching- Fantastic information if you're curious to learn more. 
Khan Academy- Common Core videos and lessons