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JRES Writing Plan

Below are the links to each grade level's specific plan. Each plan is followed by student samples. Other resources are also available. 

(Student writing samples come from Sylvia Abel Trainings)


      1st Grade

      2nd Grade

      3rd Grade

      4th Grade

      5th Grade

      6th Grade


      Other Writing Resources

Below are scoring rubrics that JRES is using school wide. Click on the subject area to download the document. 




Social Studies

Table of Contents for Writing Portfolios (Updated 08/03/2016)

Click here for the Warren County Writing document timeline.

Click here for Warren County District Writing Procedures and Documents.

Click here to read the definition of each of the three required writing pieces.

Click here to read about constructed response, short answer, and ORQ for KPREP.

Click here to see K-PREP rulers and writers' reference sheets.

Click here to see the most up to date K-PREP extended response questions scoring guide, extended response answer space, short answer scoring guide, on-demand criteria, and scoring guide for on-demand.

Click here to see the writing progression of K-12 for Opinion/Argument and Informative/Explanatory pieces

Click here to see the writing progression for K-12 for Narrative pieces

Click here for the writing portfolio Table of Contents

Rubric for writing pieces

Writing Process PowerPoint


Argument (6th)
Article on argument versus persuasion

Summary statement

Writing an argumentative essay

Graphic organizer for writing arguments

Topic ideas for writing argumentative pieces

Argumentative piece organizer

Example argumentative writing: Video Games are Beneficial to Kids

Opinion (K-5th)

Opinion piece example 5th grade (fits in this category)

Opinion piece organizer

Narratives (K-6th)
Narrative piece organizer

Example narrative writing: Andrew

Example narrative writing: Eleven

Example narrative writing: First Flight

Example narrative writing: Granddad's Tie

Example narrative writing: Valerie's Problem

Example narrative writing: You'll Grow Soon, Alex

Explanatory/Informational (K-6th)
Example explanatory/informational: Bald Eagle

Example explanatory/informational: Black Bear

Example explanatory/informational: Dinosaurs

Example explanatory/informational: Spiders

Example explanatory/informational: Macho Moms

Example explanatory/informational: The Old Man and the Sea



 Constructed Response & Open Response Question Resources/KPREP

Writing Resources
Writing Instructional Resources- On demand, informative, explanatory, narrative writing and more!
National Center for Educational Statistics- Excellent resource for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade reading

Mastery Connect - A great resource for Common Core aligned questions and prompts
Internet4Classrooms- Resource for many writing prompts
Hager Curriculum -On-Demand sample prompts
Clark County- Literacy resources
NAEP- website for questions at grades 4 and 8 in a variety of subjects.

Click here to read about constructed response, short answer, and ORQ for KPREP.

Click here to see the extended response scoring guide, short-answer scoring guide, rulers, scoring criteria for On-Demand, and writers reference sheets for KPREP.