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Gifted and Talented Resources

The Gifted and Talented students in Warren County are provided services through a program called S.U.M.M.I.T. - Services for Unlimited, Multi-talented Minds and Inspiring Talent. District wide we provide these services in the following areas: General Intellectual, Specific Academic Aptitude, Leadership, Visual & Performing Arts and Creative Thinking. We have a Primary Talent Pool for students in grades K-3 who show a potential of giftedness in any of theses areas, and students are formally identified in grade 4. Students can be identified in any area of giftedness at any time after grade 4. Also know that we are always looking to identify gifted students. Some students may not be identified in the fall, but may show their gifted potential on into the school year. 

Warren County Gifted Program

Kentucky Gifted Education (KAGE)

Western Kentucky University- Gifted Department 

National Association for Gifted Education

Gifted Children

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