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Reading Street Unit 3

Third Grade Reading Street (www.freidalewis.com )

   Unit 3.1 The Gardener                                                        Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Vocabulary Words:

  1. beauty – the quality that pleases both the mind and the senses in art or nature
  2. blooming – having flowers; opening into flowers
  3. bulbs – round, underground parts from which certain plants grow
  4. doze- to sleep lightly
  5. humor –the ability to see or show the funny side of things
  6. recognizing – identifying
  7. showers – rain that lasts only a short time
  8. sprouting – producing new leaves, shoots, or buds; beginning to grow


Spelling Words:

1.  let’s

2.  he’d

3.  you’ll

4.  can’t

5.  I’d

6.  you’d

7.  haven’t

8.  hasn’t

9.  she’d

10.  they’ll

11.  when’s

12.  we’d

13.  they’d

14.  wasn’t

15.  didn’t

16.  should’ve

17.  would’ve

18.  could’ve

19.  needn’t

20.  you’ve

More Words to Know:

  1. adore – to love and admire someone greatly
  2. catalogues – lists
  3. survived – continued to live; existed
  4. encouraging – trait of giving someone courage or confidence
  5. preparations – things done to get ready
  6. soup kitchen –a place where meals are offered free of charge to people who need them



Consonant Digraphs



Strategies:  Word Structure, Cause and Effect, Story Structure

Science Content: Plant Life Cycles, Soil, Ecosystems


Action and Linking Verbs


Writing Trait of the Week:

Word Choice


Third Grade Reading Street (www.freidalewis.com )

Unit 3.2  Pushing Up the Sky                                                                Genre: Play

Vocabulary Words:

  1. antlers – bony, branching growths on the head of a male deer, elk, or moose
  2. imagined – made a picture or idea of something in your mind
  3. languages –human speech, spoken or written
  4. narrator- the person who tells a story
  5. overhead – over the head; on high; above
  6. poked – pushed with force against someone or something

Spelling Words:

1.  unhappy

2.  recall

3.  disappear

4.  unload

5.  mistake

6.  misspell

7.  dislike

8.  replace

9.  mislead

10.  disagree

11.  rewrite

12.  unroll

13.  unknown

14.  dishonest

15.  react

16.  unfortunate

17.  discourage

18.  uncomfortable

19.  recycle

20.  mispronounce

More Words to Know:

  1.  bumped – hit yourself against something hard
  2. randomly – in no particular order
  3. chariot – a carriage with two wheels pulled  by horses; used in ancient times for fighting and racing
  4. civilization – an advanced way of life that usually includes towns, written forms of language, and  special kinds of work for people
  5. entertainment – something that interests, pleases, or amuses people


Prefixes un-, re-, mis-, dis-



Prefixes un-, re-, mis-, di-

Strategies: Glossary, Author’s Purpose, Summarize

Social Studies Content: Ancient Civilization, Native Americans, Regions


Main and Helping Verbs

Writing Trait of the Week:



Third Grade Reading Street (www.freidalewis.com )

Unit 3.3 Night Letters                                                       Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Vocabulary Words:

  1. blade – a leaf of grass
  2. budding – putting forth small swellings on a plant that will grow into leaves, branches, or flowers
  3. dew - the moisture from the air that collects in small drops on cool surfaces during the night
  4. fireflies – small insects that give off flashes of light when they fly
  5. flutter - to flap the wings
  6. notepad – a small book of blank or lined sheets of paper in which you write notes or things that you need to learn or remember
  7. patch – a small piece of ground that is different from what surrounds it


Spelling Words:

1.  clock

2.  large

3.  page

4.  mark

5.  kitten

6.  judge

7.  crack

8.  edge

9.  pocket

10.  brake

11.  change

12.  ridge

13.  jacket

14.  badge

15.  orange

16.  freckles

17.  advantage

18.  pledge

19.  Kentucky

20.  kingdom

More Words to Know:

  1. nectar – sweet sap or liquid  produced by a flower
  2. scratchy – rough, making scratches on your skin
  3. downwind – in the same direction as the wind
  4. glimpse – a very quick look
  5. gurgled – made a bubbling sound


Spellings of  /j/,  /k/, /s/

Prefixes un-, re-, mis-, dis


Consonant Sounds /j/ and /k/

Strategies:  Word Structure,

Draw Conclusions,  Ask Questions

Science Content:

Environments, Living Things, Habitats


Subject-Verb  Agreement

Writing Trait of the Week:



Third Grade Reading Street  (www.freidalewis.com )

Unit 3.4 A Symphony of Whales                                                Genre:  Fiction

Vocabulary Words:

  1. anxiously – uneasily; with fear  of what might happen
  2. bay – a part of a sea or lake partly surrounded by land
  3. blizzards – blinding snowstorms, with very strong, cold winds
  4. channel – a body of water joining two larger bodies of water
  5. chipped – to cut or break off a small thin piece of something
  6. melody – a pleasing or easily remembered series of musical notes; tune
  7. supplies – the food and equipment necessary for an army exercise, camping trip, and so on
  8. surrounded – shut in on all sides; encircled; enclosed
  9. symphony – a long, complicated musical composition for an orchestra

Spelling Words:

1.  beautiful

2.  safely

3.  kindness

4.  finally

5.  spotless

6.  worthless

7.  illness

8.  helpful

9.  daily

10.  suddenly

11.  wireless

12.  quietly

13.  fairness

14.  cheerful

15.  painful

16.  anxiously

17.  thoughtfully

18.  cautiously

19.  tardiness

20.  breathless

More Words to Know:

  1. neighboring  - nearby
  2. waterproof – shedding water; a material that does not let water penetrate it
  3. yelping – crying out; barking (a dog)
  4. field biologist – an expert in the study of life and living things who spends a lot of time outside where animals  or organisms live or grow
  5. poachers – people who hunt or fish illegally
  6. salt marshes – low-lying watery ground near the ocean or other bodies of salt water


Suffixes: -ly, -ful,  -ness, -less

Spellings of  /j/, /k/, /s/


Suffixes: -ly, -ful,  -ness, -less

Strategies: Generalize,

Answer Questions, Context Clues

Science Content:

 Environments, Living Things, Habitats


Present, Past, & Future Tenses

Writing Trait of the Week:



Third Grade Reading Street   (www.freidalewis.com )

Unit 3.5 Volcanoes: Nature’s Incredible Fireworks       Genre:  Expository Nonfiction

Vocabulary Words:

  1. beneath –in a lower place; under; below
  2. buried – covered up; hidden
  3. chimney – a tall, hollow column, usually made of brick, to carry away smoke from a fireplace or furnace
  4. earthquakes – violent shaking or shifting motion of the ground caused by the sudden movement of rock far beneath Earth’s surface
  5. fireworks – firecrackers and other things that make a loud noise or go up high in the air and burst in a shower of stars and sparks
  6. force – power; strength
  7. trembles – moves with a quick shaking motion
  8. volcanoes – hills or mountains built up by lava and ash around an opening in earth’s crust

Spelling Words:

1.  thumb

2.  gnaw

3.  written

4.  know

5.  climb

6.  design

7.  wrist

8.  crumb

9.  assign

10.  wrench

11.  knot

12.  wrinkle

13.  lamb

14.  knob

15.  knit

16.  wrestler

17.  bologna

18.  cologne

19.  honeycomb

20.  knickknack

More Words to Know:

  1. crevice – a crack in Earth’s surface
  2. collide – to crash into one another
  3. lava- hot, melted rock that flows onto Earth’s surface from deep inside Earth
  4. authorities – the officials in control
  5. debris – scattered pieces or bits of something that has been torn down or blown up
  6. evacuate – to get everyone out of  a dangerous place or situation


Silent Consonants

Suffixes: -ly, -ful,  -ness, -less


Words with wr, kn, mb, gn

Strategies:  Dictionary, Compare/Contrast, Monitor & Fix Up

Science Content: Geologic Change, Landforms, Rock, Soil,  Minerals


Irregular Verbs

Writing Trait of the Week:

Word Choice