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Algebra 2


Tim Dethridge 2019-20

Greenwood High School


Course Description:  This course is required for all students.  In this course, topics will include systems of equations and inequalities, matrices, basic families of functions, quadratic functions, polynomial functions, radical and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, statistics, and probability.  An emphasis will be placed on connections between the numerical, algebraic, and graphic approaches to problem solving.  Characteristics of functions, transformations, and applications will be emphasized throughout the course.


Units of Study:


Unit 1                          Systems of Equations and Inequalities                               10 days

Unit 2                           Matrices                                                                        5 days

Unit 3                           Function Families                                                           10 days

Unit 4                           Quadratic Functions                                                        10 days

Unit 5                            Polynomial Functions                                                     10 days

Unit 6                           Radical and Rational Functions                                        10 days

Unit 7                           Exponential and Logarithmic Functions                             10 days

Unit 8                           Statistics                                                                        10 days

Unit 9                           Probability                                                                    10 days


Class Format:  Students are expected to participate in class each day.  Class activities could include bell-ringers, collaborative activities, examples, guided practice, writing, discovery, application, and both formative and summative assessment.  A graphing calculator (TI-84) will be important to classwork and homework.  If a student cannot get a TI-84 of their own then see me.  Students will be given opportunity in class to ask and answer questions over homework.  Students are expected to be engaged by asking questions and working both collaboratively and independently.  Any students needing additional help should speak with me quickly so that they do not get behind.  Questions are welcome any time.

Daily Schedule:

1. Bell Ringer - ACT question

2. Quiz-concept checks

3. Answer any homework questions

4. Lesson

5. Guided Practice and/or Activity


Assessments:  Each unit of study will have grades taken from any or all of the following:  homework, class work, quizzes, tests (DCAs), and constructed response questions.  Assessments will be both formative and summative.  You may determine your grade by taking your points earned divided by the total possible number of points.  Should you have an excused absence on the day of a quiz or test, it may be made up as soon as possible.  Homework is usually assigned each day and all students are expected to put forth their best effort for understanding the problems and asking questions about each assignment.   


Grading Scale:   90-100A           80-89B  70-79C  60-69D below 60F


Checking Grades:


I will keep grades updated within 1-3 days after an assignment/assessment has been turned in.


Note to students:

It is my pleasure to have you in Algebra II class.  I am looking forward to a great semester!

●        My email address is:  tim.dethridge@warren.kyschools.us .

●        A TI-84 Graphing Calculator is a requirement for this class.  If one cannot be afforded, please let me know. 

●        Grades will be updated often in Infinite Campus. 



I look forward to working with each of you in the coming semester.  Please ask me questions when you do not understand.  If you need extra help, see me about coming before or after school.




 2019-20 Classroom Expectations (SWAMP)


Show Respect

●        If you have a question or concern, you are encouraged to talk to me.

●        Listen when I am speaking or when someone in the class has been recognized to speak.  This includes announcements over the PA (especially during morning and afternoon announcements).

●        When working in groups or with a partner, you should stay engaged and on task.

Willing to Learn

●        Bring pencil, paper, 3-ring binder, homework, and TI-84 graphing calculator every day.

●        Participate by listening, taking notes, working examples, doing activities, working on assignments, and asking questions.

●        Stay caught up on homework and missed assignments.  Get make-up work if you are absent.  Utilize your assignment sheet.

Accept Responsibility

●        Do your own work.  A grade of zero may be given to both parties involved in cheating or you may be required to demonstrate work in my presence.

●        Do not talk during assessments.  Any talking will be assumed as cheating.

●        Do not share calculators for assessments.  Sharing calculators will be considered cheating.

●        Homework should be turned in with your name, homework assignment, class period and date

●        Do not argue when your phone gets taken - it means you broke the cell phone rule - I will turn in your phone to the office. (PHONES or HEAD PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED OUT IN CLASS FOR ANY REASON!)

Maintain Self Control

●        Use appropriate language at all times.  Inappropriate language will NOT be tolerated.

●        Bullying, name-calling, or teasing of a hurtful nature is NOT acceptable.

●        Avoid leaving the classroom during class time.  10 and 10 Rule. You will not be allowed to leave class 10 minutes after class starts or 10 minutes before class ends.  You may leave the classroom with the hall pass for emergencies. 

●        If you must leave the classroom, ask first, fill out your hall pass, and record where you are going and when you leave on the sign out sheet.

Positive Environment

●        You will be counted tardy in infinite campus if you are not completely in the classroom before the bell starts ringing.

●        You should be in your seat and engaged in the task on the board when class begins.

●        Stay in your seats until the bell rings.

●        Place backpacks and purses under your desk. 

●        Electronic devices (including all cell phones, ipods, mp3s, etc.) shall NOT be out in the classroom.  If you are handling your phone without permission, then I will take it, even if it was inside your purse or backpack. 

●        Water is fine to have in class. 



●        Warning

●        Minor written notice of infraction

●        Major written notice of infraction

*Note:  Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school or student/teacher property, or is disrespectful (determined by the teacher) will be sent to the office immediately.