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My NTI Classroom

Mrs. Butts

NTI Classroom Days 2020


All assignments are listed on Google Classroom Students have a Schoology account.  Assignments will be listed daily.  No assignments will be listed on days we are scheduled to be out of school.  You will have to have the access code for the class period your child is in.

1st Block:

2nd Block:   

3rd Block:   



Grades are entered into Infinite Campus as work is graded.  If a student does not have a grade for an assignment, please look in the notes on Infinite Campus or in the notes on Schoology.  A message will be written there to tell you why the grade was received.  There is also the possibility that your child has not completed and submitted the assignment for grading.  Infinite Campus log in information is provided to you through the Guidance Office.


Due Dates

The due date that is listed for each assignment in Infinite Campus and Schoology is there to help pace the students.  It also helps me to locate it in Infinite Campus.  The only way students will have points deducted for being late is if it is received after a final submission date is given.  Students will be advised of the final submission date well in advance.  This is why it is important that they complete their work on a daily basis.



There are three different ways you may contact me:

1.  by email at

2.  by telephone at 270.467.7500

3.  through messages.