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Music Product #2: The March

Please click on the provided link to access Music Product #2:  The March

By:  Tyler P.

The March:



I composed this march from scratch using Flat, a free online composing website. For this piece, I wanted to capture every aspect of someone's life. Near the beginning of the piece, I capture happiness with a grand fanfare type sound using all of the instruments I had. This transitions into a little upbeat, light flute melody which is joined by the clarinet in a few measures. The fanfare style is brought back for a bridge into the next part of the piece. The next part of the piece is a Tuba solo followed by just brass and percussion. These show and represent the low parts of someones life. The same rhythm and beat is brought back to show how the same beats can be hit in someone’s life that can mean different things based on their perception at the moment. This all builds into a new fanfare, which is much more triumphant and fresh then the others. To complete the piece, I bring back the opening theme to tie the whole piece together. This ABA form piece portrays many emotions and provides a nice little marching melody in the beginning and end.