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Manipulated Image #1: Backdrop

Manipulated Image #1:  Backdrop

By:  Josie H.




When completing my manipulated photo, I used an app that I downloaded from the app store called, “enlight.” First, when opening the app, I selected an image that I took of a firework. I then went to the side bar in the app and selected tools. Under tools, I chose an option called, “mixer.”

Then I selected an image that I took of my friend at Jackson’s Orchard. Next, I went to the toolbar and chose the option, “erase.” I erased the parts of the layered image where I wanted the firework to show through.

Next, at the bottom of the screen, I selected the blending option and chose the option called, “seamless.” I strengthened this blending technique to level 17. After this, I went to the sidebar again and added a filter called, “steel,” at strength 75 to the overall image. Lastly, I went to the side bar under, “image,” and changed the saturation of the girl’s face to strength 12. I also contrasted her face to the rest of the image at strength 76. I did this by using the, “target,” tool to focus the effects on her face.