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ePublishing: All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat

By:  Ryan L.

all eat



In order to complete this project the first step I took was to compile all of the information
provided by the event organizer on a blank Photoshop document. Secondly, after viewing all of the text, I
decided on a hierarchy, moving details in order what was most important. In this case the name of the
event and the date had to be seen first, so they are the largest and located at the top of the document. After
all of the text had been put in place I brainstormed a theme. I decided bold fonts, geometric shapes, and
simple ribbons would be the most eye catching and easiest to read. I chose blue as the main color of the
project because I felt that it would resonate with the morning time schedule the event takes place in (and
blueberry syrup). After that, it was only a matter of measuring out the document and making sure
everything was evenly placed and centered. I added the pancakes in the background after the fact
realizing that a breakfast event flyer would benefit greatly with some good-looking food on it.