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Graphic Design #2: Become a Doer

Become a Doer

By:  William B.




There are quite a few ideas that I had considered conveying using a visual medium, because I have so much that I want to get through to some people. One idea that stood out to me the most was the idea to get people to start doing and stop saying or thinking. Lots of people want to do big things but they don’t take their time to try to do those things. They don’t have that idea in their mind most of the time. This idea would be the basis of my graphic.

What I wanted to do was make something very minimal but very powerful. The graphic comprised of a single cloud against a light blue background that had the words “Become A Doer” printed on the front. On the bottom of the graphic it says, “Thinking is too commonplace.” I used the paint tool on Scratch since that tool was a good vector tool and I could implement multiple layers.

The very first thing I did was generate the background. That was the easiest part. All I had to do was generate a rectangle that would fill up the page and then color it blue. In order to add a bit of depth to the background, I used two slightly different shades of blue and colored using the gradient tool.

I then made the cloud. I used a technique that I always have used to make clouds for the past few years on this tool: I made the outline with several different circles and ovals that were a certain color, and then I filled up the middle with another circle with that same color. I had to make sure that the outline looked neat since I used a different color for the circle’s borders. I did this by reshaping the circle in the middle.

After that, I made the letters on the cloud. I drew the letters by hand, but since I had to use a mouse instead of a drawing tablet, the letters came out sloppy. To make the letters look pretty and neat, I had to use the “reshape” tool to make the lines smooth. I used both the “circle” tool and the “pen” tool to create the letters.

Lastly, I typed in the sentence at the bottom. I used the “Donegal One” font since that was the most generic-looking font that I could use. I made the letters black, and then I used a dark blue line to underline the text. I positioned the assets and layers around until I thought the picture looked perfect.