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Digital Art #2: Autumn


By:  Noah J.



To create my digital art piece, titled “Autumn,” I first brainstormed to figure out a scene that would convey the feeling of the fall season as best as possible. I chose to create a tree with colored leaves sitting on the edge of a cliff, inspired by my hiking trips in the hills of KY and TN. I used a program called Draw.IO to create my project.  I started by drawing the cliff, since it was the lowest part of my image. I then drew roots hanging over the edge to create more of a lonesome, cold, autumn feeling (the tree is isolated, but still surviving.) I drew the trunk with a few branches coming out, then started on the leaves. I picked a brown, orange, yellow or red color, drew around 30 leaves, and then switched colors. I did this in order to vary the location of colored leaves, making it look more realistic. I drew in more trunk-colored branches, then covered them up with more leaves. I continued this process until my image gave me the feel I was looking for. I added grey streaks to the sky for my finishing details.