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Digital Art #1: The Girl

The Girl

By:  Keiko N.

the girl



  1. I opened the program SAI which I use alongside my Wacom drawing tablet.

  2. Then using a fine black brush tool, I sketched the outline of my picture. This is a very crucial part to my creative process because in this step I build the foundation of my art through determining the focal point, colors, and the message and mood I would like to project.

  3. After that I start with flat colors and begin shading. I see drawing as an assembly line. If I can work on each process by itself, I can then work proficiently and pace myself at a rate where my true artistic potential will be exercised.

  4. When I finish the general coloring of the image, I begin adding highlight and contour. This gives it a 3D effect, making it seem more than just a picture.

  5. Next comes, the fine details. This may be the most time consuming and taxing part of my process but also my favorite. Through fine detailing, I feel I can truly bring my artwork to life.

  6. Lastly, I make the finishing touches . This includes erasing any stray marks, making my beginning outline transparent, and adding small minute changes. Taking away the outline may be my favorite part because I can see and appreciate all the progress I have made.


What I wanted to achieve through my art is to demonstrate the curiosity and wonder that is brought upon to us through nature. It is said that curiosity is one of the most powerful human emotions, even when it comes to something so simple such as a common house plant.