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Original Photo #1: Occupied



By:  William B.


When I considered the fact that I could do an original photo product, I thought that would be a perfect choice for me because I usually do well when taking pictures. I also enjoy challenges, and I thought that this would be a pretty challenging project for me since I usually take average pictures that don’t capture people’s attention.

I wanted to find a good place to take my photograph that had a lot of natural assets. There is this park in my city that has a lot of trees and hedges to take good photos of, and I went there one day to see what I could come up with. I took my Kodak M200 camera with me and did some exploring. I found a park bench underneath a tree that looked really interesting. While the bench looked really pretty against that landscape, I didn’t think that looked like very much detail. I decided to put something on the bench to add to it. I decided to add my sweatshirt to it to make it seem like it wasn’t as empty.

After doing that, I uploaded the picture to Google Photos so I could crop it down. I also decided to add just a little bit of exposure to it to make the bench seem brighter. After doing that, I gave it a title. I called it “Occupied,” because the jacket was occupying the bench.