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Infographic #1: How Common Are Certain Eye Colors?

Eye Color

William B.


One part of the human body that not very many people think about of is the color of their eyes. The color of a person’s eyes doesn’t really matter, but some colors are a lot more beautiful and more rare than other colors. Some people might have light brown eyes while others might have a vibrant reddish color. Despite this diversity, not many people have gotten together and considered what the odds were for them to have that color. This was how I got the idea for this infographic. I wanted to create a guide that someone could use to find the percentage of these eye colors there are in the world.

I thought that a very clever way to translate this to an infographic would be to create a pie chart that looked like an eyeball. I thought that the iris (the colored part of the eye) should be divided into different colored sections that resembled the different eye colors, and the rest of the eye should be the same. I knew that I had to use a tool that allowed you to divide different parts of the picture into different layers. I decided to do this process using the paint tool on Scratch, not only because it had very sharp vector graphics and incorporated layer techniques, but also because I had used it the most, so I felt the most comfortable using that tool.

However, even though I could conveniently use the paint tool to construct a perfect circle, I could not generate a pie chart automatically using a specific set of information, so I had to do that manually. After I made the white part of the eye and the pupil in the center, I made another circle and used that as an outline for how I wanted the pie chart to be shaped. Then I made a color for each section of the pie chart, making sure that the color was accurate to the actual eye color. I then proceeded to create each section using the circle tool, and I reshaped the section so that it would fit in the circle. I made sure that each section was separated by a straight line with no curves, and I also wanted to make sure that the information being presented was very accurate. (I used two websites for reference: I used the information in and the poll down at the bottom of  That way the pie chart would look very neat. The last thing I did was make another perfect circle, a white one, to cover up the edges of the circle and give the illusion that the chart was a perfect circle. To ensure that no curves stuck out of the circle, I made the outline of that circle thicker.

The next thing I did was create a bulleted list of the eye colors and how common they were. This was not as difficult as the last task, since all I had to do was create seven individual areas of text and then line them up. After doing that, I made the bullets, which I decided to make look like the colored section of the eyeball. I made each bullet the same color that the text next to it described. After I made the bulleted list, I made the title and the text below it. I made the title a different font and enlarged it, and I made the piece of text smaller. I colored each piece of text a dark brown to make it cooperate with the skin-colored background. After I made the title, I was finished.