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Music Product #2: Concertino for Orchestra

Please click here for Music Product:  Concertino for Orchestra


Concertino for Orchestra by Braden C-H.

It is a short piece for orchestra with diverse influences, from classical composers such as Mozart and Mahler, to heavy metal bands like Volbeat, Metallica, and Amon Amarth. I used a program called Music Studio, which is an app available on IOS devices.

I created the piece without using any loops; there are none in the app I used. Instead, I had to manually play each note I wanted by each instrument on the piano keyboard within the app, and for example, say I wanted a clarinet sound, I had to go the “Instrument” menu, and choose the appropriate sound. I did not put any effects on any of the tracks, and I did not use anybody else’s material, except for at the end, in which I borrowed the melody from Henry Purcell’s “Trumpet Tune in D”. Thank you for taking the time to read this, listen to the attached piece, and consider me for the State competition.