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ePublishing Product: SWAMP

SWAMP Poster



Our school, Greenwood High School, operates under an acronym known as SWAMP. This acronym is there to establish rules and structures in the halls of our school. We have had the same looking posters for this acronym for a long time and decided it was time for a new one. Here are the steps performed to make it:

  1. First, I had to pick what kind of site I wanted to use to make the poster. I chose piktochart because it is used to make posters of sorts and is a pretty simple site to navigate.
  2. First, I sketched on paper different designs that were basically updated versions of our current poster. I made sure to incorporate each letter and meaning on the poster.
  3. Once I got the sketches made, I started to put it onto the website piktochart and played around with the different letters and fonts.
  4. I used our school colors: maroon, green and yellow. I also made sure to put the school motto on the poster.
  5. Once I created what I had sketched onto the piktochart, I submitted it to my teacher and he was able to use it for whatever kind of promoting of SWAMP he wanted.