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Music Product: Paradoxical Awareness

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Music Project:

Paradoxical Awareness by Owen M.


I am what one could call a music enthusiast. I play multiple instruments, like guitar and piano, I sing, and I love to write songs of my own. In fact, I’ve made it to the state competition in this music competition the last two years with my pieces Electricity and World of Gold. And while I’ve become better at lyric writing, I’ve managed to get very acquainted with the Garageband program, which I used to create my entry for this year with along with those entries and several other songs I’ve written.


My goal this year was to create a song that inspired people to get up and dance. As I’m not really a dancer myself, I knew that if I could create a song that could get me up and moving, it would probably do its job just fine. I came across my initial sound loops quite accidentally, a lead synth and a background percussion, putting them together and finding that I liked very much how they sounded together. As I continued with this mission, I found different combinations of sound loops that I thought meshed well together. I also created the song in the key of D# Major, a key that carried a sort of happiness but still had a unique sound to it.


As I began to organize these differing melodies, my song took a loose verse/chorus/bridge/chorus form. As I had my verse and chorus formed, I knew my final chorus would have to consist of elements of all parts of the songs, something I always like to do to tie things up. This left my bridge. While I do like songs that pep you up, I also enjoy listening to darker songs as well. I took one synth that I had been using that I had taken a liking to, named “Deep Dream Synth,” and melded it with some minor piano riffs. Using callbacks to my first verse, I began to bring things back, before the final chord--and then silence only for a second, before the chorus starts up again.


I have a habit of naming my songs for whatever sound loop I favor the most, and in this case, the “Deep Dream Synth” was the clear winner. I did a little research, and found out that REM, the type of dream that seems exceptionally vivid, can only occur during a deep sleep. Some also call this type of dreaming “Paradoxical Sleep.” Since my end goal for the song is to get you pumped up, I decided to name is Paradoxical Awareness. I hope you feel its intended effects as well. Thanks for considering my song, and I hope you enjoy Paradoxical Awareness.