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Graphic Design Product: Ultramodern Motification

Ultramodern Modification


Ultramodern Modification

By:  Sierra E.

I chose the name Ultramodern Modification because I wanted my graphic design to represent the exponential growth of technology in the last decade. The road that is drawn into an arrow symbolizes the road we travel to reach our goal. The hand drawing the road shows that this journey is infinite because we are constantly improving and creating new technology to help make each others lives easier.


  1. I took a picture of my hand holding a highlighter and loaded it into Adobe Photoshop cs2 along with a white background and a black arrow I drew in Microsoft paint.

  2. I cropped my hand out of the picture, feathered the edges slightly (5px) and put dropped it into the white background.

  3. Adjusting the saturation and lightness of my hand, I was able to change the color to fit the desired mood of the picture (I wanted the hand to be brighter and lighter).\

  4. Next, I added the arrow from microsoft paint to the white background, made the line thicker using the brush tool, then added thin yellow lines in the middle.

  5. Using the transform tool, I distorted the arrow to make it look like it was getting smaller as it was going up.

  6. Using the transform tool again, I rotated and increased the size of my hand to make it fit with the arrow.