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KSU GIS/MAPS/Cartography Product: BG Parks

Click here for a link to the product presentation:  BG Parks




Step 1

My first step in creating my cartography project started very small: an idea, just barely sprouted. I had the idea to create a map with all of the nature trails in Warren County, spread out in a simple, easy to read format. It was a concept that apparently had not been introduced, as there was no single place that I could easily see all the options for walking trails I had at once. So, I started working to make my idea come into fruition.


Step 2:

Next, I planned out the technique I would use to get to all the walking trails and gather all of the required information. I spent a couple of days doing this because I knew it was important that I had a plan to carry out the most efficient technique I could, as it would be difficult to finish this project without strategic planning.


Step 3:

I downloaded the MapMyWalk app and created an account using my school email, and started walking trails. I recorded the trails I walked with the MapMyWalk app because it was the simplest, it worked the best, and it looked professional, which was the theme I was going for. I walked all the trails one by one, starting with Phil Moore and ending on Basil Griffin. As I did so, I gathered a little information about each trail and put it into the end product, the simple and important information that could be helpful to anyone who used my map.


Step 4:

I spent a couple of hours creating a 1 to 1 map in Google Drawings of Warren County, to make the concept that the project was all my doing stand out. I used another monitor beside my personal monitor and ran a picture of Warren County on Google Maps to the side, then drew as best I could a picture of Warren County. I compiled all the maps and names of the parks all onto that one map, to give people a general idea of where the trails I was referencing were located in Warren County.


Step 5:

I put all of the information and data I had collected throughout all the time I had spent doing this project into one big powerpoint to be judged. I tried to make the information included in the powerpoint as simple as I could to enable anyone who wanted to use it to do so. I included a larger picture for each map, average walking times for each trail, and specific information that could be useful to the reader if they were planning on going walking in a Warren County Park.